Fake Memphis Grizzlies Mock Draft Quincy Pondexter and Terrico White 25th and 28th

Terrico White can jump for real. (Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images)

Since the real 2010 NBA Draft goes down in less than 8 hours, this is probably going to be significantly less interesting to all of you, but I grabbed Quincy Pondexter 25th and Terrico White 28th in the 2010 SB Nation Mock Draft.

That means the fake Grizzlies mock depth chart would look something like this:

PG: Conley, Mayo, White

SG: Mayo, Brewer, White

SF: Gay, Pondexter, Brewer

PF: Randolph, Davis, Arthur

C: Gasol, Thabeet, Hadaddi

Yes, in case you haven't figured it out yet, the goal was accomplished: Sam Young is officially out of the rotation. Anybody else want to throw a party with me?

You can check out the Pondexter pick on Ridiculous Upside right here, and here's an excerpt from my explanation:

After drafting grabbing the sliding Ed Davis, the Grizzlies need to pick up a swingman to get Sam Young out of the rotation, but none of their top options are left at this point in the draft.

I think the Grizz turn to Quincy Pondexter then, who scouts might be criminally underrating. DraftExpress.com found that Pondexter is one of top 5 most efficient small forwards in almost every facet of the game [...]

Many draftees supposedly have unlimited upside, but if they don't work to improve, what good does it do? Quincy went from a raw athlete to proficient, seasoned scorer in 4 years. His free throw shooting bumped up 14%, which takes a lot of boring shots late after practice. He might not be able to shoot NBA threes off the bat, but if there's anyone I trust to work hard to learn how it's Dexter.

We took a wing 25th because I was gambling on my favorite player in the draft, and the point guard to fill Memphis's most immediate need, being there three picks later at 28th. Turns out he fell back to us, so I snatched up Terrico White with the Grizzlies's third pick:

Lots of Tigers fans won't be happy with me, but I've got to grab local high school legend Terrico White over college star Elliot Williams. Theoretically they're both filling the same position -- backup point guard -- so it should be best player available. If it were that simple, I'm probably taking the lefty slasher Williams.

It's not that simple, though, because Memphis has the very particular problem of a criminally undersized backcourt. Mike Conley is barely big or tough enough to cover Earl Boykins, and O.J. Mayo gets punished by increasingly taller and taller wings at shooting guard. Adding Elliot Williams doesn't change much, but Terrico White's lanky 6'5" frame and 6'9" wingspan should get in front of guys like Stephen Jackson and Kobe Bryant while OJAM bullies smaller true points.

So there it is, folks, I've got us taking Ed Davis, Quincy Pondexter, and Terrico White. Sounds like a decent draft to me; what do you think? All signs suggest the Grizz won't actually be drafting with all 3 picks, but if they do, GM Chris Wallace will be hard pressed to match the haul I picked up.

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