Trade Deadline Recap

So here we are, Grizz fans. The trade deadline has come and passed, and the team made two one pretty big move in an attempt to better the team. After the jump, we'll discuss the move(s), grade the deadline activity, and look at our chances for a playoff run.

Trade 1: Come Back, Shane!

Memphis gets: Shane Battier

Houston gets: Hasheem Thabeet, protected first round draft pick

Pro: This was a pretty good move for the Grizzlies. It was a move that saved us future money by getting rid of Thabeet and his contract, gained an expiring contract in Battier, and brings back a fan favorite and great locker room guy. Battier is an above average defender, something Memphis has started preaching, and three point shooter, something Memphis lacks. He's also a starting caliber '3' that can bridge that gap until Rudy returns.

Con: Memphis gave up size, and its back up center, and possibly leverage over Gasol. If he were to take his talents elsewhere this summer, we would be without a legitimate center on the roster.

Overall Grade: B+

Trade 2: Hold The Mayo

Memphis gets: To keep OJ Mayo after they told the world they traded him

Indiana gets: To stay exactly the same

Pro: Atleast we aren't Boston?

Con: Had this deal gone through, we lose OJ, but we get a 6'10 power forward with decent shooting ability who has been playing well as of late, and also get a draft pick and save some money. Instead, it fell through, and we end up looking pretty foolish in the process. This now leaves us with a plethora of 2-3 players and only three big men, not including Hamed Haddadi

Overall Grade: A...dunce hat.

As far as the playoffs go, if we can get in, and get Rudy healthy, we are scary deep. We have two shut down defenders, and a guy capable of scoring 20 points a game on our bench. Not many teams can boast that. We do have a size disadvantage, something that will hurt against LA and San Antonio, but we are young, athletic, and hungry, and that is always a scary combination. I wouldn't bet on us to win any titles this year, but if you were looking for a team to make some Oklahoma City type noise in the playoffs this year, then this Memphis team is a safe bet to do just that.

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