(Who) Would You Rather

Its a slow sports day, and we have a couple days until the Grizz play again, and to be honest I haven't had a customer in the store all day today and no sales have gotten to me. As a result, I started jacking around with the playoff simulator to see what Memphis' chances were of making any noise if we get in. The answer may surprise you.

Option 1: Currently constructed: Memphis Grizzlies vs. San Antonio Spurs

Chances to win the series: 16%

Regular season match ups: SA leads 2-1. The first two games in this series were nail bitters, even without Rudy Gay. The Grizzlies took them to over time once, and lost the second one to a monster performance by Manu Ginobli. In the third game, Memphis put the wood to them, and handled them fairly easily, albeit without Tony Parker. However, Rudy Gay also missed that game, and Marc Gasol was ejected early, and didn't play the entire second half.

My Thoughts: I feel like we match up well with these guys, especially with a healthy Rudy Gay and Leon Powe. We can go big and play slow with them, and we can go young and run up and down the court with them. And having played two close games (losing them both) and getting a huge, impressive victory at home, it provides even more comfort. But when I stop and think about it, these guys are the Spurs. The San Antonio Spurs. They are a great team, with a great head coach, who had a great run that resulted in several titles. They definitely wouldn't be my first choice to see in the playoffs.

Fun Fact: On the playoff simulator, every time we beat the Spurs and the Thunder beat the Nuggets, it had us beating the Thunder to advance to the Conference Finals


Option 2: Moving up a seed- Memphis Grizzlies vs. Dallas Mavericks.

Chances to win the series: 21%

Regular season: Grizzlies won 3-1. Memphis played Dallas well for two games and two quarters, and the result was three wins and one loss, which came at home. Our bigs match up well with theirs, and our defense clearly confused their back court at times.

My Thoughts: If I had one wish, I don't know what I'd wish for. But if I had a million zillion wishes, I'd use one to make sure we play these guys in the first round of the playoffs. Not only did we beat them three times in the regular season, but the Mavs are historically bad in the playoffs. In 15 playoff appearances, they are 68-80, losing in the first round five times.

Fun fact: The last time the Grizzlies made the playoffs, they lost in four games to the eventual Western Conference Champion Dallas Mavericks.


Option 3: You do the math- Memphis Grizzlies vs. Los Angeles Lakers

Chances to win the series: 17%

Regular Season: 2-2 Memphis earned a series split with LA, including getting absolutely roasted once at home, and aboslutely roasting them once at The Staple Center. Their size gave Randolph a lot of problems, and Kobe shut down our shooting guards, although we were able to contain him with Tony Allen. The think that I found most impressive was the game at home on November 30. We beat them 98-96. We played good defense in crunch time, climaxing with a Rudy Gay dunk on Ron Artest's shot to try to win it. In the third quarter, we weathered the Kobe storm. He went on a tear late in the quarter, but we held strong, didn't lose our composure, and in the end, didn't lose the game.

My Thoughts: While we did beat them twice, I'm not sure I like the way we match up with these guys. They have tremendous size, and even though we have some pretty good size, their's is just two big in two strong for us. The Lakers are a savy veteran team who is coming off back to back titles. Not to mention, Kobe is probably the scariest player to face in a playoff series right now. Scarier than Dirk, Manu, LeBron, Wade, Durant, everyone. He is the hungriest player the league has had since Jordan, and probably second only to Jordan all time. I don't want to fall victim to that, because he can get his team a victory through will and skill, and when he gets on, its just absolutely terrifying.

Fun Fact: The Lakers are listed as have a 84% chance of beating the Blazers in the first round, but in 100 simulations, they lost 47 times. 

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