Grizzly Links: In Which We Hope to Retain Marc Gasol

(Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

The biggest news of the offseason will be whether or not the Grizzlies maintain center Marc Gasol. I think we all agree that it would be in the Grizzlies' best interest to re-sign him, but then again we aren't the ones signing the checks. Truthfully, I don't see how we don't match any deal for Gasol, but stranger things have certainly happened. 

In a night where all the rage was the NBA Draft Lottery, all we Grizzly fans care about is the whereabouts of Marc Gasol come next October. 

FanFeedr | NBA | 17 May 11 | Grizz Owner Won’t Hold Back Gasol?

Know that we mention it... "Great find by Alan Hahn (via ESPN)"

FanFeedr | 17 May 11 | Oklahoma City Thunder Wander Town Aimlessly Looking For Place To Celebrate Big Win

Ladies and gentlemen, The Onion: OKLAHOMA CITY—Following their Game 7 victory over the Memphis Grizzlies Sunday, Thunder players spent several hours wandering the streets of Oklahoma City in search of a decent...

Cavaliers Win NBA Draft No. 1 Pick; L.A. Clippers Traded Choice To Cleveland With Baron Davis -

The Cavaliers, nay, Nick Gilbert wins the night: The L.A. Clippers traded away a shot at the No. 1 pick in the 2011 NBA Draft (along with Baron Davis) to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

VIDEO: David Kahn 'Jokes' About NBA Draft Lottery Conspiracies, Irene Pollin - From Our Editors -

KAAAAAAHHHHNNNNN!!: Video suggests David Kahn was joking about the whole conspiracy thing at the NBA Draft Lottery.

2011 NBA Mock Draft: Kyrie Irving A No-Brainer First Pick -

Irving is a no-brainer, but after that things get a little lively: Our first 2011 NBA Mock Draft after the lottery features Kyrie Irving and Derrick Williams at the top, lots of Europeans in the first round and a special cameo from Jeremy Tyler.

DraftExpress: Mock Draft

Draft Express already has you mocked and ready to go. Spoiler alert: the Cavs pick first! 

Lottery brings Cleveland some building blocks, not a cornerstone | ProBasketballTalk

Yeah, about winning the Draft Lottery... Ummm. 

Recent History of the #3 Draft Pick - SLC Dunk

Do the names Shareef Abdur-Rahim, Pau Gasol and O.J. Mayo ring a bell, Grizzlies fans? Get to know your No. 3 pick.

One and A Half Superstars Lead the Mavericks to Victory Over the Thunder, 121-112 - Mavs Moneyball

Dirk Nowitzki came up big last night, while another Mav was a killer in his own right: JJ Superstar Barea killed it tonight. He was huge off of the bench, and sliced up the porous Thunder defense, just like he did in the series with the Lakers.

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