Straight Outta Vancouver welcomes its new Fearless Leader

Ronald Martinez

Oh, hey, check out it. Straight Outta Vancouver has a itself a new Fearless Leader at the helm.

I am excited to announce that today, our friend and colleague Kevin Lipe will be taking over as the new Fearless Leader of Straight Outta Vancouver. Kevin, who is a local scribe in Memphis, a credentialed writer, game diarist, and just a great, great dude, will offer up a boots-on-the-ground lead as SoV continues to grow and expand. Again, this is really, really exciting news.

Of course, I know that many of you are already fans of his work, and many of you have already made him feel welcome since he joined the site earlier this year, but I did want to acknowledge the change and give him my personal, public tip of the cap as I hand the keys over to him as of this morning.

As for myself, I'll still be around, cheering for the Grizzlies and reading the site daily, maybe even chipping in where needed. It has been just a great honor and privilege to have been able to run the site for the past 2-plus years, and I have nothing but the utmost respect for the Memphis Grizzlies organization and, more importantly, its fans. You guys are just... fantastic, really.

My personal next step is that I am heading over to to help run that site and cover the Brooklyn Nets. As many of you may or may not know, I live in New York -- something that has been used against the site, in the most ridiculous way possible, but... -- so, geographically it all just makes sense. Kevin knows the Memphis market just as well as the next guy, and I lived two blocks from the Barclays Center during the construction phase, have only twice in my life attended NBA Finals games (2002, Nets-Lakers; 2003, Nets-Spurs), and was the biggest Derrick Coleman fan since, well, let's just say I like smooth low-post players with checkered pasts.

Again, I'm not going far, I'm not disavowing my adoration and admiration for the Grizzlies and its franchise, and I'm not leaving you without placing the blog in the most capable hands possible. I'm just as excited about Kevin being able to build this site as I am about the opportunity that I know have.

Thanks all for your support over the years, and give a (re)welcome to your new Fearless Leader, Kevin Lipe, as I now simply become a fearless fan.

And just remember, "when it rains, it Roger Masons."


Tom Lorenzo

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