Introducing the Most Interesting Grizzlies Fan in the World


We have all seen him. You know exactly who I am talking about. He was sitting on the front row of Game 2, hoping - praying even - that his beloved Grizzlies could tie the series up after a disappointing Game 1. His Grizz had played a decent game, but fear lingered in the air that the lead may not hold, just as it didn't the game before. He desperately wanted his beloved team to make a run, to put a nail in the coffin. Then it happened. Just as energy began to peak in the Forum, it happened. His favorite player, Zach Randolph, whose jersey he was sporting that evening, took the ball hard to the rim, scored the basket, and drew the foul. The Forum was electric; a playoff win was so close everyone could taste it. And he went crazy. Not only did he celebrate, but he celebrated in style. He turned away from the action, where the impending free-throw would take place, and turned to where at least two television cameras were on him. This celebration was going to be epic, and it needed to be seen by all.

But Who is this kid? Well, his name is Barry Klug (I won't begin to speak of how awesome of a name that is. Doesn't it just sound like a first-round draft choice at offensive tackle?). But more than that, he is the Most Interesting Grizzlies Fan in the World.


He doesn't always go to the NBA games, but when he does he is sitting court-side at the Grindhouse.

Some say that he wears #50 in homage to zBo, but few realize that Randolph is actually showing love to him.

He told Lionel Hollins to focus on points in the paint for the 1st quarter of Game 5. We all know how that turned out...

Hamed Hadaddi looks up to him.

Chris Paul favored the other side of the court when bring the ball up. You don't get close to Barry more than you have to.

Fans come up to him wanting him to autograph their #50 Grizzlies jerseys.

Security wondered if they should give him protection at the game to guard him from fans and the media, but then they realized that his stoic, piercing stare provided more than enough protection.

Sales of the Zach Randolph jersey have risen 428% this week.

He is offended that anyone would even try to compare his celebration to the New Jersey Nets fan. There is no contest.

He once told Tony Allen to play with all "grit, heart, and grind." TA later tried used the phrase, but mixed it up a little bit.

He once read "Grizzly Adams" hoping it would be about Zach Randolph. When it wasn't, he promptly ripped the book in half in one quick motion.

Mo Speights-to-Memphis was his idea, but he doesn't like to brag about it.

He personally blocked the sale of the team to Larry Ellison saying, "I don't want to have to fly all the way to San Jose just to sit in my sweet court-side seats."

They once tried to name him "King of Memphis", but he wouldn't accept out of respect for Jerry Lawler.

During the second half of Game 5, he told a joke about Vinnie Del Negro's mother. Five Clipper technical fouls ensued.

He was offered a position as a on-the-court mop boy for the Grizzlies. He simply replied, "I have people who do my mopping for me."

In late November, 2011, he got bored with no Grizzlies basketball to watch and promptly ordered a resolution and end to the NBA work stoppage.

If he misses a home game, he doesn't sell his court-side tickets. He wants to make sure people realize he isn't there.

The doctors first listed Zach Randolph's prognosis at 8-10 months. He stared at them and finally said, "That's not good enough." ZBo was on the court 10 weeks later.

FanPosts do not necessarily represent the opinions of myself, and may include questionable or unreliable material.

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