Hey guys Suns fan here

I heard that Memphis might be shopping Rudy Gay around. Rumors seem to have sprung up after the season and Im wondering, do you think its a real possibility or was it something to see if any teams would over pay for him. Maybe trying to get a top 5 pick for Gay or what?

Im curious how you guys feel about some sort of Steve Nash for Rudy Gay swap? Before you start cussin me out, listen to what I have to say and then let me hear it!

I would propose something like Nash and Childress and a second round pick for Gay. I know you are probably thinking why would we give up a fringe allstar who is 25 for an all star who is 38.But if you knew what Nash could do for your team you would understand

Its safe to assume that Memphis is in win now mode. You guys have two very good big men that you probably will not be able to afford in another year or two (whenever contracts are up), you have some lockdown perimeter defenders, some 3pt shooters, and good coaching. The one thing you dont have is a floor general. A guy that can make everybody around him better, get everybody involved in the game, get the maximum production from every player on the court with him. That guy is Nash.

Its not by coincidence that every guy that has played in PHX with Nash has had career seasons. Whether it was Amare being unstoppable, Marion averaging 18 and 12, Gortat going from backup in Orlando to top 5 center in the league. Its just what happens when you play with Nash. Nash can turn Gasol and Zbo into unstoppable monsters by getting them the ball pretty much wide open off the PnR like no other PG could do. Him and Gortat were the best PnR duo in the league last year, and Nash and Amare were for years before that. With those two big guys, Nash, Mayo, and Allen on the floor you guys would be avraging over 105 points per game and with the size and defensive presence that Gasol, Allen, Mayo or conley and Zbo add, this team would be a championship contender. Like a for real championship contender not just a playoff team.

Nash isnt a great defender, but he is a smart defender and he is serviceable. What he gives up on that end he more then makes up for on offense. Having lockdown defenders around Nash like Allen, conley and Mayo will also help even it out. He is probably the most pure shooter in the NBA which is another reason he is so deadly off the PnR, if you dont help on Nash he will score on you.

The experience he can bring to this team will also do wonders. He knows how to win. I mean look at last year for example, he took the Suns and our mediocre at best roster 2 games away from the playoffs. Over the second half of the season, we were a top 5 team in the west, but it was to late. Your team will become more efficient, play smarter, and score alot more points with Nash at the point.

He does only have maybe 2 to 3 years left, but his play hasnt really dropped off at all. And my bet would be you would get a championship with Nash. Conley could also learn a thing or two sitting behind one of the greatest of all time. I mean Dragic was a second round pick who spent a few years under Nash, went to Houston and is now averaging 18 and 10. Nash can teach him the tricks of the trade like how to work out, train, watch tape, eat, work ethic, certain skills to work on, etc.

I dont know if anybody here is familiar with Josh Childress but he can be a very valuable player on a contending team. If he is in the right offense his skillset can dominate. He is probably the best rebounding SF in the NBA and his length and agility make him a terror on Defense. He is a slasher that can finish at the rim, block shots, get boards, and take people off the dribble. His one weakness is his shot. He just cant shoot very well plain and simple. But he is a spark plug and can average 10 points and 10 boards in the right system. I honestly think he would be really good on your team. Opposing teams would be so worried about the PnR with Nash and Gasol and Zbo down low that Childress would be slashing to the rim all day and getting easy layups and dunks.

If Im not mistaken you guys have done pretty well when Rudy Gay was out with injuries and what not. I honestly believe Nash is the answer to your problems.

Besides, you guys basically stole Speights (who is gonna be a beast in a year or two) from Philly so you should give back a little for good Karma dont ya think?

Possible roster for the 2013 season:

Nash / Conley / Selby

Allen / Mayo / Arenas

Pondexter / Childress / Cunningham

Zbo / Arthur / Speights

Gasol / Speights

Excuse my language but that is a f*****g scary talented and DEEEEEEP roster. Stacked with size, athleticism, and talent. You could expect everybodies numbers to go up with Nash at the point. Gasol would be somewhere around 20ppg, Randolph would probably be around his career average 17 points but would dominate the glass playing from the weakside and spreading the floor, you shooters will probably all bump up their offensive production, and Nash would realistically average around 10 points 14 assists per game while shooting lights out (he scores 10 points off 5 shots lol). Efficiency is often overlooked by casual fans, but when you are efficient, you win games. Nash has led some of the most efficient offenses in NBA history almost every year.

I would like to know how you guys feel about it?

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