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Grizzlies Explore Rudy Gay Trades

News broke Tuesday that the Suns and Grizzlies were engaged in trade talks involving Rudy Gay.

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Raptors Still Pursuing Rudy Gay Trade

ESPN's Marc Stein is reporting that the Toronto Raptors are still actively pursuing a trade for Rudy Gay.


NetsDaily: Brooklyn has "high" interest in Gay

NetsDaily is reporting that Peter Vecsey has tweeted that the Nets have a "high interest" in trading for Rudy Gay in some sort of three-team deal.


Report: Bobcats "Aggressively" Pursuing Rudy Gay

A new report has surfaced that the Charlotte Bobcats are trying to trade for Rudy Gay.


Orlando Magic Express Interest in Rudy Gay

The Magic have floated J.J. Redick's name in connection with a possible trade for Rudy Gay.


Rudy Gay Rumors: Washington Wizards made offer

The Rudy Gay Trade-a-palooza continues today as Ric Bucher is reporting that the Washington Wizards made a "good" offer to the Grizzlies for Rudy Gay. Bucher didn’t offer any news about what the offer actually was, but Bullets Forever has an in-depth look at what the Wizards’ offer could have been:

At the same time, I’m really not sure what the Wizards can offer Memphis. The Grizzlies are trying to move Gay to get under the luxury tax this year and in the future, but they also want to take back a reasonable amount of talent, including young talent. Ideally, they get even better by taking back cheaper players that fit with their post-oriented attack more seamlessly and younger players that allow them to stay competitive for longer. It’s a scaled-down version of what the Oklahoma City Thunder did when trying to trade James Harden.

It’s a good look at the harsh reality facing the Grizzlies if they want to try to replace Gay in the middle of the season: there’s not really a good way to replace Rudy in the lineup without taking a hit at the starting small forward position.

SoV is going to follow these Rudy trade rumors as they keep popping up.


Timberwolves Reject Rudy Gay Trade Offer

According to a report, the Timberwolves turned down a trade involving Rudy Gay.


Are the Grizzlies Interested in Tyreke Evans?

Tyreke Evans is available, and the Grizzlies seem to want him.


Rudy Gay Trade: Raptors enter trade talks

ESPN's Marc Stein says that the Raptors are making serious push for Rudy.


GSoM: Warriors and Grizzlies had talks about Gay

Golden State Of Mind is reporting that the Grizzlies and the Golden State Warriors also "engaged in preliminary talks" about a Rudy Gay trade.

Yahoo! Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski reported that the Memphis Grizzlies had shopped small forward Rudy Gay throughout the league and Marcus Thompson II has reported this morning that the Golden State Warriors had preliminary discussions about a deal and although there's "nothing there" he noted that The Logo is particularly interested.

The Logo, remember him? Jerry West was the Grizzlies' GM during the Pau Gasol era and retired when Chris Wallace took over in 2007. Now he's a "head consultant" for the Warriors. What happened while West was in charge of the Grizzlies? They traded Shane Battier to Houston for Rudy Gay (and Stromile Swift) before the season started.

This makes it clear: the Grizzlies are shopping Rudy Gay around. This is going to get interesting, folks.

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