Let's get Big Boss Man some minutes!

In another post, MulliGrizz brought up a point that Chris Vernon has been making - this Grizzlies team is 12-1 in games where Ed Davis has played 17 or more minutes. That's a pretty interesting stat. That and a question from Kevin prompted me to take a closer look at the stats for the 13 games in which Ed has played 17+. Here's what I found:

As a team, here are some key stats, their ranking if the Ed 13 stats were for a full season, and how they compare to our current season stats:

Season Season Rank Ed 13 Ed 13 Rank Change
Field Goal % 44.4% 20th 48.6% 2nd +4.2%
Rebound Margin +3.6 tied 2nd +6.2 1st +2.6
Points Per Game 93.5 26th 98.5 13th +5.0
Points Allowed 89.5 1st 89.0 1st -0.5
Point Differential +4.0 tied 6th +9.5 1st +5.5
Blocks Per Game 5.3 tied 11th 6.5 tied 3rd +1.2

-Steals, field goal attempts and free throw attempts remained almost exactly the same.

So to look at Ed, I thought it made the most sense to look at his per-48 stats for these games where he gets 17+ vs. overall this season, for sort of an apples-to-apples look:

Per 48 minute averages

Points Rebounds Assists Steals Blocks Field Goal % Free Throw % FGM FGA FTM FTA
Season 18.5 13.5 1.9 1.1 2.4 54.3% 61.7% 7.7 14.2 3.1 5.0
Ed 13 19.2 16.3 1.0 1.4 4.2 58.0% 54.5% 8.2 14.1 2.9 5.3

So, his per-minute averages are similar in many ways – but in those games, he has shot 3.7% better, and is rebounding and blocking shots at a significantly better rate. This mirrors the efficiency the team as whole plays with in those games.

-The block rate in those 13 games would place him 6th in the league per-48.
-The rebound rate would be 7th in the league, 2 spots ahead of Kenneth Faried and 3 spots ahead of our very own Z-Bo.

As to whose minutes he's been taking, Z-Bo missed 4 of those games and DA missed 7, including 3 where both were out. In the games where he did play, DA played 16.8 minutes, just over his season average of 16.4 minutes. Z-Bo played an average of 28.8 minutes, down from a season average of 34.3. So it appears that when someone’s minutes decrease, it’s generally Z-Bo.

Moral of the story? Get Ed those minutes!

(if you've already seen my other post, much of the information is the same, just better formatting)

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