Better Know a Head Coaching Candidate: George Karl

Ezra Shaw

Could George Karl be the next man that graces the Grizzlies sidelines?

The shelf life of a job for any given NBA head coach is decreasing before our eyes. Eleven, count 'em, eleven head coaches have been fired since the regular season ended. One of those elven is George Karl. That's right. The man that won a franchise-record 57 regular season games with the Denver Nuggets this year and won his first NBA Coach of the Year award got axed. It is not unsimilar to what happened to Lionel Hollins. He, too, had unprecedented success with his team this season, but that didn't stop him from getting the boot.

While Hollins firing has as much to do with him not being able to play nice with the Grizzlies new management group as it does with his difference in philosophy, Karl's firing is much more difficult to shed light on. Karl is the sixth-winningest coach of all-time. The Nuggets are not going to find another coach with Karl's pedigree. That's why the decision made no sense to many people in NBA. Although the Nuggets lost in the first round, which was a huge disappointment, it's not Karl's fault that Stephen Curry decided to play like a top five player in the league all series. However, Karl is not a perfect coach and deserves plenty of the blame for the Nuggets playoff shortcomings. Yes, the Karl firing might be unjust, but that's not the Grizzlies problem.

The Grizzlies reached out to Karl to discuss the Grizzlies head coaching job within hours after he was let go by the Nuggets, signifying that they see great value in Karl. The team has shown they are serious about Karl, as the coach is scheduled to interview with the Grizzlies on Monday.

Grizzlies Assistant Coach David Joerger is still widely considered the favorite to get the job, but it's not hard to see why the Grizzlies are attracted to Karl. Since it is not inconceivable that Karl could be the next Grizzlies Head Coach, let's take a closer look at Karl. Since Karl is 62 years old and has been coaching for more than thirty years, I could write more about his resumé and his philosophy than you would care to read, so instead of boring you to tears about one of the most widely-known coaches in the NBA, I have curated the best George Karl links from the internet. Read however many of them you like.

Beckley Mason - The Book on George Karl

Wages of Wins - Calling Foul on George Karl: Strategies from Scorecasting

Andres Alvarez - The NBA Geek: George Karl's Smallball Nonsense

Andrew Feinstein - Denver Stiffs: George Kar's Nuggets Legacy and What's Next

Dan Lewis - Hickory-High: Video Playbook: George Karl's 'enver Nuggets

Zach Lowe - Grantland: A Brief History of George

After reading up on Karl, what is your take on him and his coaching philosophy? Let's talk it out in the comments below.

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