GBB Draft Profiles: B.J. Young

Oh look, we actually have a photo for this player - Beth Hall-US PRESSWIRE

Another installment in GBB's ongoing series profiling potential draft prospects. This edition we'll be profiling Arkansas sophomore B.J. Young.

Author's Note: This year the Grizzlies hold the 41st, 55th, and 60th picks in the NBA Draft. Now that I've finished the Euro's, I'll be moving onto a couple of domestic players. Andrew's already done a magnificent job in covering James Ennis, Dewayne Dedmon, and Ryan Kelly, and today I'll be looking at Arkansas speedster B.J. Young.

B.J. Young

20 Years Old, 6'3", 179 lbs., PG/SG, Arkansas

Best Song for a Future Highlight Reel: "Love Like Winter"-AFI*

What He Brings to the Table: Quickness, Transition Scoring

What He Lacks: A Consistent Jumpshot

Best-Case Comparison: Eric Bledsoe (Draft Express), Monta Ellis (ForeignFlopper)

Worst-Case Comparison: Willie Warren (Draft Express)

Obligatory Highlight Reel:

Why the Grizzlies Ought to Draft Him (for Basketball Reasons): Young is lightning-fast and when he gets the ball in the open-court, he's a nightmare to defend. DraftExpress posted this nifty chart detailing just how deadly he is in transition:



Transition Attempts Per-Game

FG% in Transition

Travis Releford




C.J. Leslie

N.C. State



Maurice Kemp

East Carolina



T.J. Warren

N.C. State







Tim Hardaway Jr





Holy Smokes, Batman! Those are some impressive numbers!

One word of warning though for the Grizzlies if they draft Young, don't expect any kind of consistent shooting. Despite the fact that he shot 41% on 3's as a freshman, he doesn't have a consistent shooting motion, which more than anything, explains why he only shot 28% as a sophomore (lead Draft Express to tweet, "How B.J. Young shot 40% for 3 as a freshman is one of the world's great mysteries. He's shot the ball 100 different ways here. None working").

Consistent shooting form is the most important trait for shooting well. If you watch great shooters like Dirk and Ray Allen, you'll notice that they make the exact same motion every time they shoot. This is also why so many European players are such great shooters-consistent shooting form has been drilled into them since day one. I'm not saying B.J. can't improve, it's just that he needs to find whatever he's most comfortable with and stick with it.

Why the Grizzlies Ought to Draft Him (for non-Basketball Reasons): So, I am from Little Rock and, as anyone from Arkansas will tell you, simply growing up in the state means that you have a lifelong connection with the Razorbacks whether you like it or not. I didn't go to the University of Arkansas, and I don't follow their teams, but people are so apeshit about the UA that I might as well have.

I won't promise that drafting B.J. Young will bring in hoards of Razorback fans because UA fans usually aren't that interested in pro sports, and basketball is just something to pass the time in between football seasons anyway; however, hundreds of thousands of Arkansans will probably vaguely remember Young ten years from now. That doesn't necessarily mean anything to the Grizzlies as a franchise, but as a fanbase we'll never forget the Razorback fans who will inevitably show up during the playoffs, argue that Young should be starting, and disappear just as quickly.

Mock Draft Predictions: #47 Phoenix (Draft Express), Undrafted (

*-AFI started out as a hardcore punk band with a cult-like following who always seemed to be on the verge of a massive breakout; only when that breakout came in the form of 2007's Decemberunderground (and, to a lesser extent, 2003's Sing the Sorrow), AFI were no longer seen as badass goth-punks and instead everyone thought that they were girly wimps. Full disclosure: as terrible and emo as Decemberunderground and "Love Like Winter" are, I still love them anyway (go ahead and mock me, I deserve it). Likewise, BJ Young put up really promising numbers in his rookie year at Arkansas, but opted to return for his sophomore season in an attempt to further bolster his draft stock. Arkansas only won a single away game, lost in the first round of the SEC tournament, and weren't even invited to the NIT. Also, Young was temporary suspended in November and was benched on several occasions. The hope is that Young can eventually undergo the kind of revival that AFI singer Davey Havok has (i.e. sex object for cult fans).

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