Weekly Bathroom Reads: Best Grizzlies and NBA Pieces of the Week

Alvin Gentry's face after the Grizzlies turn him away, hopefully - USA TODAY Sports

Wait no more. Your weekly reading material is here. Catch up on the latest and greatest Grizzlies and NBA pieces from the last week right here.

The offseason has started for all but two NBA teams, and a near historical coaching carousel has already ensued. Unfortunately, the Grizzlies find themselves right in the midst of that whirlwind of rumors that never fails to surround a potential coaching change. Since the Grizzlies fell to the Spurs in the Western Conference Finals (sigh), all media attention has been solely focused on Lionel Hollins and the team's coaching situation.

All that is to say that the Grizzlies links this week will be incredibly boring because, frankly, everything has already been said about Lionel Hollins and a potential coaching change that could possibly be said, at least for now. Sorry in advance.

Grizzlies Links

Kickstarter: Pay Lionel Hollins salary: Do you want Alvin Gentry as the Grizzlies next head coach? I didn't think so. Might I suggest heading over to Kickstarter to start a "pay Lionel Hollins contract" project so the Grizzlies won't be doomed to a future with Alvin and the Gentmunks. Okay, terrible jo- Ah come on! Don't leave.

Ramona Shelburne - ESPN.com: Hollins contract talks stalled: Surprise, surprise. A coach and new management group that have not seemed to gel have reached an impasse in contract talks. Honestly, the Grizzlies might draw out this thing long enough where there is just too much bad blood to bring Hollins back. Not saying the Grizzlies are wrong for waiting it out, just saying it is a real possibility.

Sam Amick - USA Today Sports: Griz already talking with George Karl: There is not any legitimate Karl to the Grizzlies talk yet, so don't read too much into this. The Grizzlies simply might be reaching out to hedge their bet in case an agreement cannot be reached with Hollins. Backup plans are always smart. On the other hand, it does not *seem* to bode well for Hollins future in Memphis that the Griz are already reaching out to other coaching candidates.

NBA Links

Jonathan Abrams - Grantland: Chis Bosh; the third banana: Abrams writes a sports story as good or better than anybody else. By the end of his story, he will have you emotionally attached to his subject. This includes his subject in this piece, Chris Bosh. Abrams tells Bosh's story of how he arrived where he is today. Abrams' take is moving, fascinating, and a little sad all at the same time.

Kirk Goldsberry - Grantlan: How the Heat and Spurs Score: Goldsberry is a basketball genius when it comes to portraying a team's strengths and weaknesses by combining statistics with crisp visual images. He might be a genius anyway, seeing as the man studied at Harvard. If you're not a big reader, click on this piece just to look at Goldsberry's graphics. They won't disappoint.

Evanz - Golden State of Mind: Jarret Jack conundrum: Should the Warriors resign Jack or not? Evanz attempts to answer this question using statistics and comparing the Warriors performance when Jack was on and off the court this season. I would not mind seeing Jack in a Grizzlies uniform next season..

Tom Ziller - SB Nation: Busting 11 myths about the NBA Finals: Ziller, as usual, is spot on with these myths. Number three and four specifically stick out to me as true. Many on this site seem to detest Erik Spoelstra and tend to think he just has to stand there and look pretty on the sideline. I do not share the belief. Spoestra is one of the best coaches in the league right now, and if Pop happens to outcoach him, that won't change that fact. If you can't get enough of Ziller's writing, check out his brief piece on the Popovich-Buford coaching tree. It's amazing how many NBA coaches or front office executives that came up under the wing of one these two men.

Joe Posnaski - NBC Sports: Duncan being Duncan: I'm sure you, like many other NBA fans, wonder how in the world Tim Duncan is still performing at such a high level, or still playing at all for that matter. Posnaski breaks down the myth, the man, the legend that is Duncan.

Kotaku - Owen Good: LeBron James graces NBA2K14 cover: Amazingly, after winning four MVP Titles and one NBA Championship among many other accolades, this will be the first time James will be on the cover of NBA 2K.

Have a great weekend, folks!

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