Grizzly Bear Blues Live With Rick Trotter Now Available for Download!

The Gasol-Conley tandem was discussed on this week's Grizzly Bear Blues Live! - Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The third episode of Grizzly Bear Blues Live was another great show! contributor Matt Hrdlicka and Grizzlies PA announcer Rick Trotter were tremendous guests, and a lot of Grizzly topics were discussed. Find out how to listen below.

This past Thursday, Grizzly Bear Blues Live! went on the BlogTalkRadio Airwaves for the third time. Our guests were Matt Hrdlicka of fame and Rick Trotter, the great Grizzlies PA announcer.

In the first segment and third segment, I talked about a variety of topics. The Grizzlies week that was, the week ahead, Nick Calathes' development and Mike Conley being snubbed for the All-Star Game. On the topic of the Conley snub, it is had to look at the Western Conference roster and pick out who you would replace with Conley, given the stats/reputations/records of the guys on the team.

It would appear Mike is a victim of the West's depth more than anything, and that is OK with me; it provides a nice break for Mike to rest up as the Grizzlies prepare for a huge stretch run.

In the "Better Know a Blogger" segment, I talked with Matt Hrdlicka about his work on the site recently and got to know him through the BKAB questions. I respect Matt a good bit; his writing is consistently excellent and his opinion on sports is one I value highly. He was a blast to have on the show!

Hrdlicka and Trotter were great guests on the show this past week!

In the final segment, I had the pleasure of having Rick Trotter, the Grizzlies Public Address Announcer the past 8 seasons, on the show. Rick is such a tremendous ambassador for the Grizzlies and the city of Memphis as a whole, he really was a great guy to talk to. We discussed some great stories about life as a PA announcer, the development of Mike Conley that he has gotten to see first hand and what he expects for the Grizzlies heading in to the second half of the season.

Check out the podcast below, and be sure to join us live next week on the next episode of Grizzly Bear Blues Live!

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