Throwback Thursday: Which player would you want to watch in their NBA prime?

Jonathan Daniel

Inspired by one of Joe Mullinax's interview questions with Matt Hrdlicka last week on GBBLive, I'd like to hear you-ins response to this fantastic query.

If you could time travel without consequence, which professional basketball player would you like to watch in their NBA prime?

We'll even narrow it down to which year/season you would have wanted to watch them play, although you don't have to specify that to participate in here-ins.

There's so many great possibilities and not really any wrong answers to this question. You can't go wrong with Michael Jordan. Bill Russell is an auto-consideration. Dr J, Oscar Robertson, Magic Johnson ... I can't even blame someone for picking  Lebron James or Kevin Durant to be perfectly honest.

My selection:

'Pistol' Pete Maravich - those passes, the style, the shooting, the unpredictability. It would have been fun as heck to watch his 1976-77 NBA season with the New Orleans Jazz where he averaged 31 PPG without a 3-point line. That season Pete put up single game scoring numbers of 68, 51 (twice), 50, 46, 45, 44, 43 (twice), 41 (twice) and 40 (twice) - all while shooting 43% and averaging over 5 assists, 5 rebounds and a steal a game.

1970–71 Atlanta 81 36.1 .458 .800 3.7 4.4 23.2
1971–72 Atlanta 66 34.9 .427 .811 3.9 6.0 19.3
1972–73 Atlanta 79 39.1 .441 .800 4.4 6.9 26.1
1973–74 Atlanta 76 38.2 .457 .826 4.9 5.2 1.5 .2 27.7
1974–75 New Orleans 79 36.1 .419 .811 5.3 6.2 1.5 .2 21.5
1975–76 New Orleans 62 38.3 .459 .811 4.8 5.4 1.4 .4 25.9
1976–77 New Orleans 73 41.7 .433 .835 5.1 5.4 1.2 .3 31.1
1977–78 New Orleans 50 40.8 .444 .870 3.6 6.7 2.0 .2 27.0
1978–79 New Orleans 49 37.2 .421 .841 2.5 5.0 1.2 .4 22.6
1979–80 Utah/Boston 43 22.4 .449 .667 .867 1.8 1.9 .6 .1 13.7
Career[12] 658 37.0 .441 .667 .820 4.2 5.4 1.4 .3 24.2

My choice might put me on an island, but I've listened to my father, whose prime spectating years were the 1970's, talk about one Pete Maravich like no other player (aside from maybe Bernard King, who played at the University of Tennessee when my dad attended said school.) And I've heard the stories and been shown the highlight films for going on more than 20 years now.

And while I'll let the highlights below do most of the talking, the intrigue of Pete Maravich extends beyond just what you see. Maravich was a definitive sharpshooter who was launching the long ball well before the creation of the 3-point arc. It's somewhat poignant that Maravich only played one season, his last, under the 3-point rule and made 10 of the 15 he shot that year.

And an extended look at his highlights:

Share your own answers in the comments below!

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