Grizzlies Grades: Memphis Grizzlies at New Orleans Pelicans

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sport

Grizzlies 90 Pelicans 88


Zach Randolph : (C+) 33 MIN 13 PTS 5-13 FG 9 REB 2 AST 1 BLK 3 TO, +3

Had no chance guarding Davis and was promptly taken to school on multiple occasions. Worked the glass with 7 offensive rebounds but failed to convert most of his 2nd chance opportunities. Frustrations clearly mounted in picking up a T for mouthing off.

Tayshaun Prince : (C+) 20 MIN 6 PTS 3-6 FG 4 REB 1 STL 1 BLK, -2

Once again took mostly higher percentage shots and backed down a smaller defender for a finish at the rim. Was assigned to guarding Davis in the 2nd half which helped limit Davis' shot attempts. However at this point JJ is simply the better player on every aspect of the game, make the switch Coach!

Marc Gasol : (B-) 39 MIN 15 PTS 5-12 FG 9 REB 4 AST 1 BLK 4 TO, +5

Stayed aggressive throughout the game with his typical energy and guile, but with steep minutes on a B2B night, he was off target on attempts he would normally make. Had a turn guarding Davis without much success. A crucial pick at the last play helped free up Conley for the winner.

Courtney Lee : (C-) 23 MIN 4 PTS 1-6 FG 2 REB 1 AST 1 STL, +0

Solid defense prevented a lower grade in which his shot was way off all game. Aside from his hot 2nd half against the Blazers, he has had a well below-average week. Needs to be more aggressive driving the lane going forward.

Mike Conley : (B) 33 MIN 16 PTS 5-12 FG 1-2 3P 3 REB 1 AST 1 STL, +0

After a scratch 1st half, made adjustments and carried the offensive load during the 3rd quarter. Played some crucial crunch time defense on Rivers which gave him the opportunity to become the hero of the game. Beautiful splitting of the defense and a right hand finish over Davis to complete perhaps the best ugly game of the season.


Tony Allen : (A) 25 MIN 13 PTS 4-8 FG 4 REB 1 AST 3 STL 1 BLK, +2

Player of the game even with Conley's heroics. Single handedly willed the Grizzlies back into the contest during the 4th quarter with some serious hustle plays. Steals, FTs, layups and lock down defense, vintage Grindfather stuff.

Nick Calathes : (A-) 15 MIN 6 PTS 2-4 FG 4 REB 7 AST 1 TO, +2

His demeanour on the court clearly shows that his confidence level is at an all time high. Found the seams early and often in setting up his teammates and confidently penetrates into the key almost at will. Exactly what is required in a backup PG - a spark plug.

Mike Miller : (B-) 27 MIN 8 PTS 3-6 FG 2-5 3P 2 REB 2 AST 2 TO, -6

Miller's playing time has been creeping up ever so slightly during the past couple weeks. Part of the reason is we need him on the floor to obtain better spacing, but the Grizzlies will really need to preserve him as much as possible. Had another solid outing in an otherwise poor performance from beyond the arc from the Grizzlies.

James Johnson : (A-) 13 MIN 4 PTS 2-3 FG 2 REB 1 AST 2 BLK 1 STL, +10

Coach Joerger rolled the dice with JJ towards the end of the 3rd quarter and immediately paid dividends. His fresh legs energised the team on both ends of the floor. two blocks and solid defense on Davis was cruical during the lock down 4th quarter. This guy needs more court time in the most desperate of ways.

Kosta Koufos : (C-) 5 MINS 2 PTS 1-2 FG 1 REB, -1

Poor matchups against the Pelicans' young and athletic bigs reduced his role this game. Tried his luck guarding Davis in the 1st half but did not work out, at all.

Jon Leuer : (C+) 7 MINS 3 PTS 1-2 FG 1-2 3P 2 REB 1 TO, -3

Joerger must have saw something he didn't like about Leuer's 1st half outing and shelved him for the rest of the game. Perhaps the thought of having to check Davis made Joerger stick to the starting front court to no avail.


New Orleans Pelicans : (C)

Was 3 minutes away from becoming the Grizzlies' bogey team of 13-14, but decided to completely stop running the offense through Davis during crunch time and instead let Rivers and Morrow freelance their way to a heartbreaking loss. It's just plain bad coaching to allow it to happen, although some of the credit must go to the GnG Grizzlies. This team has some potential next season if they can stay healthy but they are still a few seasons away from truly contending in the wild wild West.

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