Memphis Grizzlies Daily Playoff Standings: Back to holding down #8

I feel... disturbed. - Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Your (mostly) daily update on the Grizzlies playoff hopes.

Western Standings

San Antonio Spurs 66 50-16 .758
Oklahoma City Thunder 66 48-18 .727
Los Angeles Clippers 68 48-20 .706
Houston Rockets 66 44-22 .667
Portland Trail Blazers 67 43-24 .642
Golden State Warriors 68 42-26 .618
Dallas Mavericks 67 40-27 .597
Memphis Grizzlies 66 39-27 .591
Phoenix Suns 66 38-28 .576
Minnesota Timberwolves 65 33-32 .508
Denver Nuggets 66 29-37 .439
New Orleans Pelicans 66 27-39 .409
Sacramento Kings 67 23-44 .343
Utah Jazz 67 22-45 .328
Los Angeles Lakers 66 22-44 .333

Current Seeding - 7th in Western Conference

  • Games back from leader - 11
  • Games back from Dallas - 1/2
  • Games back from Golden State - 2
  • Games back from Porland - 3 1/2
  • Games ahead of Phoenix - 1

Even if the Grizzlies had won in Toronto on Friday they'd still be tied up with the Mavs and sitting in the 8th seed. It'd be nice to head into this week on a 6-game-winning-streak, but it's still copacetic to stand a full game ahead of Phoenix as the Griz slowly shorten the gap between them and the likes of Golden State and Portland, both whom the Grizzlies play consecutively on the road in a couple of weeks.

We're not likely to over take the Mavericks again this week as they tip off an eight-game-home-stand against Boston, Minnesota and Denver. The Warriors aren't much worse off as they begin a five-game-home-stand against Orlando, Milwaukee and then finish up the week vs. the Spurs. Surprisingly, our best hopes of making up ground this week might come by way of the Portland Trail Blazers who, although they face Milwaukee, Washington and Charlotte, are are 3-6 in the month of March and can't hold a team under 100 pts to save their lives. Milwaukee is likely to fall over, but the Wizards and Bobcats have certainly been holding their own against Western Conference teams lately.

The Memphis Grizzlies, however, possess the more daunting task of trying to win three-in-a-row against the Jazz, Heat and Pacers. Utah plays tonight in Houston and might be easy pickings for a Grizzlies team coming off three days rest because Saturday night was a joke two days rest, but Miami and Indiana are unfamiliar foes who definitely have the firepower to give the Grizzlies some considerable headaches, especially for Memphis' fourth consecutive back-to-back of the weekend varietal.

Recaps of games that affected the Grizzlies:

Final Score: Mavericks dominate Thunder, 109-86

Splash Brothers lead GSW to thrilling comeback win

Recap: Phoenix Suns Rediscover Defense and Rebounding in Victory over Toronto Raptors, 121-113

Games that will affect the Grizzlies tonight:

Phoenix Suns at Brooklyn Nets

Boston Celtics at Dallas Mavericks

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