Grizzlies Grades: Memphis Grizzlies at Brooklyn Nets

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports


Ed Davis : (E-) 13 MIN 0 PTS 0-2 FG 1 REB 1 BLK, -7

Got thrown into a sink-or-swim situation where he was essentially trying to guard a legendary SF (no he's not a stretch 4). Chalked up a minus-18 within 6 minutes of playing time, missed a couple of easy hooks and generally a non-factor all night long, being part of the last quarter comeback saved him from an F.

Tayshaun Prince : (F) 17 MIN 0 PTS 0-0 FG 1 REB 1 AST, -31

Why the harsh grade? due to his total lack of assertiveness and propensity to completely disappear when the chips are down. Have a good look at his body language during the game, as a veteran you are expected to lead by example and continue to encourage teammates within any situation. This did not come close to happening. His 17 minutes of hollow-man job is not acceptable.

Marc Gasol : (B-) 28 MIN 18 PTS 7-14 FG 7 REB 2 STL 1 BLK, -25

Showed intensity and aggression with Randolph out, he knew the team was struggling mightily right from the get-go, so Big Spain decided to dominate the ball and take charge in the paint. Probably the first time I've seen Gasol on the low-block time and time again with the rock looking to score the basketball. This needs to become the norm from this point forward. The only starter that played with accountability and kept his head up.

Courtney Lee : (D-) 26 MIN 4 PTS 2-7 FG 2 REB 2 AST 3 STL, -31

The sudden increase in playing time for the past 2 months is finally catching up to him, as many of his jump shots were not close to the target, he also missed plenty of defensive assignments allowing the Nets to get extremely hot from long range, a sure sign of fatigue that needs to be addressed, perhaps not playing him the entire 1st quarter is the solution?

Mike Conley : (F) 21 MIN 2 PTS 0-8 FG 3 REB 3 AST 6 TO, -30

Easily his worst game in memory, if not his worst game as a pro. We've come to expect a high standard from Conley so the grade is extremely harsh, but giving away possession after possession with rushed shots and rushed passes by the supposed difference maker of the team will lodge an instant L for the Griz, as the term "difference maker" works both ways. He should never have shaved his fro during the all-star break imo, he hasn't been the same since. His ankle is probably fine, but he shaved off his mojo and needs it back in a hurry.


Tony Allen : (B-) 21 MIN 15 PTS 5-9 FG 6 REB 2 AST 4 TO, +1

Effort and assertiveness is never a problem with TA, I wish all Grizzlies players play with the same kind of forceful mentality as consistently as TA does. Helped steady the ship as soon as he came off the bench during the 1st quarter, but was forcing the issue a bit too much as the pace of the game remained fast throughout the game which resulted in multiple turnovers.

James Johnson : (C) 14 MIN 12 PTS 3-7 FG 1 REB 1 AST 1 TO, +4

Teams are beginning to realise that his biggest weapon is the ability to slash to the basket with huge, pedantic euro-looking steps. Opposing defenders are now timing his steps to get themselves a good opportunity hack at the ball. It's time for Dr. JJ to develop a short range jumper to add to his offensive arsenal. Pulling up mid-drive at the 5 to 8 feet range will be a good way to counter defenders. Had a good run during the 4th quarter comeback attempt but did not positively affect the game during the 1st quarter whilst the Nets were running away with the game.

Nick Calathes : (C+) 30 MIN 10 PTS 4-8 FG 5 REB 5 AST 4 STL, +18

Looking at his line it appears that he had a solid outing, but his patented lazy passes that occurs a few times a game which results in turnovers or near turnovers is still a big issue for him. His terrible 3 point defense is also a killer. Needs to stay focused at all times both offensively and defensively to truly be an effective player.

Mike Miller : (C) 15 MIN 0 PTS 0-4 FG 3 REB 3 AST 1 TO, +9

You cannot stay hot forever, a gunner like Miller is bound to cool off at some point, really liked what he's been doing for the past 3 weeks - no hesitation, just jack 'em up whenever there's an opening. Every team needs a gunner and tonight just wasn't his night. During the 2nd quarter he helped opening up the court for his teammate just for being a constant long-ball threat. He can be even effective if he drives the lane and finishes more, a bit too much drive and kick, gotta keep the defenders guessing and finish at the rim to be a true menace. Caught a nasty elbow in the 4th quarter but doubt he will miss any time for the *gulp* 2013-2014 Grizzlies ironman.

Kosta Koufos : (A-) 19 MINS 12 PTS 6-9 FG 8 REB 2 STL 1 BLK, +20

What more can you say about this man, whether it's 30 minutes or 5 minutes a game, no matter if the Griz are up 30 or down 30, whenever his name is called, he is ready to give his all. Was an absolute menace in the paint and caused issues for the Nets all night long, Finished with the best +/- and played HUNGRY, that's all we can ask for as fans. Only reason for the A- is the two missed free throws, don't understand how he's a reliable mid range shooter but has a very "rushed" type of free throw shooting form, that's the only missing piece for Kosta to land on the upper echelon of the league.

Jon Leuer : (B+) 26 MINS 19 PTS 6-10 FG 5 REB 1 STL 2 TO, +13

It's a shame that a front court player has to get hurt in order for #FreeLeuer to get PT, his 26 minutes was a result of Zbo's absence and also a match-up move to counter Paul Pierce at the 4. He did a decent job of defending PP and showed his array of offensive versatility which catapulted the comeback in the 4th. The ultimate professional, always produces with the limited playing time that he's got. I don't see how he doesn't become the second big off the bench in front of Ed, as Ed's value on the court is constantly diminishing each game. Lastly, a real breath of fresh air for a big man that is super dependable on the FT line which is extremely undervalued.

Beno Udrih : (C+) 10 MINS 2 PTS 1 REB 2 AST 1 STL 2 TO, +14

Played without any pressure so was able to facilitate well during the comeback, however when the Nets starters came back to the court, he was clearly over-matched defensively, a nice third PG option but nothing more. Next time we see him on the court will probably be in another blowout, hopefully a blowout win for the Griz.

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