Grizzlies are in an uncomfortable position, there is no doubting that. But if you are a the glass is half full kind of guy, then you have to look at the end of this season as a positive.

If you have been living under a rock, or amazed by the NCAA tournament and start of the MLB season, there are three team's fighting for the last two playoff spots. Dallas leads the way at 48-31, Phoenix is a half a game back at 47-31, while the Grizzlies are a full game back of Phoenix at 46-32, and currently outside looking in. So I am sure you are asking, where is the good news? Well, both the Mavs and Suns have a game against the Spurs who have not clinched the first spot yet. If the Spurs beat both the Mavs and Suns, they clinch and can rest the last 2 games of the year. While the Mavs and Suns have a tough next game, the Grizzlies get two very favorable match ups with the Lakers and 76ers, both teams who have mailed it in weeks ago.

Saturday the fun starts. First Phoenix and Dallas will go head to head and if each team loses to the Spurs Thursday, and Friday respectively, and the Grizzlies take care of business, the Grizzlies should be sitting pretty.

So if everything goes to plan, who do we root for on Saturday, when Dallas takes on Phoenix?

-Case for Phoenix

We own the tiebreaker here, and if they win, and we win Sunday, we would be sitting as the number 7 seed, with 2 big games left. one win against Dallas or Phx we clinch a spot. win both, we are the 7th seed.

-Case for Dalllas

Dallas winning gives us a better shot to get in the playoff as we would be a whole game clear of Phx and we would still hold the tie breaker. Dallas winning however pretty much ends our shot at the 7th seed.

Now getting into the playoffs is our goal, I believe we would be sitting in a great spot to make noise as a 7th seed, with a match up against a team we just seem play much better against, in the Thunder. As an 8th seed we would face a team that has our number, in the form of the Spurs.

Now winning against the Lakers and Sixers is great and hoping the Spurs look to clinch quickly as possible is great. But our season comes down to the final two games no matter what. Monday we visist Phoenix followed by a matchup in primetime against Dallas to end the regular season.

Grizzlies cannot afford a slip up with 2 very winnable games against 2 bottom of the league teams, but still need help from the Spurs to have the best chance possible. My personal opinion is We win the last 4 games of the year, and end the season hot. The Grizz showed heart last night beating a wounded Heat team, but made great adjustments in the second half on the defensive end, forcing LeBron James to carry the team and stopped over helping, leaving players like Battier and company wide open. Grizzlies will go into the playoffs as a 7th seed, Dallas will fall to the 8th seed, leaving the young Suns at home.

FanPosts do not necessarily represent the opinions of myself, and may include questionable or unreliable material.

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