OKC vs. MEM Game 6 Twittercap

This is about how Grizz Nation on Twitter was feeling as the night wore on. - Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Re-live the tough night for your Grizzlies as most everyone seems to do nowadays; through the lens of Twitter. Major Grizz media types, bloggers and fans like you all are represented in this collection of Tweets..

Twitter is fun, especially Grizzlies Twitter. Following along can certainly give you a feel for how things are going for Memphis, for better or worse. The night started interestingly enough...

OKC opting for more offense in their starting lineup. Not necessarily a good thing with Butler though...

A bold strategy to start. Twitter legend MeTweetForFood chimed in as only she can...

Kevin Lipe of the Memphis Flyer nailed it in this RT-

The Grizzlies paid tribute to their former owner Michael Heisley in a truly beautiful way...

Then, it was time for the game. It started out with a sinking feeling that Lipe puts well...

It was pretty clear that KD was going to try to make a statement as he started shooting 2-3. Z-Bo hit his first two in response.

Mike Conley was moving well from the start, for reasons our own Andrew Ford surely broke the news on...

KD's shooting attempts being up was clearly by design...

The Thunder's hot shooting led by Durant was made worse by Memphis' slow shooting start...

Thankfully Marc Gasol decided to take over. 6 straight points got the Grizzlies back in the game.

This was a welcome development to be sure. As was the entry of Tony Allen and Mike Miller in to the contest with Tayshaun Prince and Courtney Lee struggling early on. The bigs were the story for Memphis, as Gasol and Randolph combined for all 16 of Memphis' points through 11 minutes of play. TA scored the first non-big point on FTs, which maybe never should have happened...

KD continued to be the story for OKC, as did more missed easy scoring opportunities for Memphis.

OKC had the lead as the second quarter started. KD had his coach looking mighty smart...

So did the Grizzlies' defense, who were reaching and not moving their feet. I voiced my concern about this,saying it could get out of control if it continued. I was told I had upset a local media personality for the following reason.

The game continued to teeter on the edge of darkness. Then, we all got to see the beauty that is positive Ed Davis.

While the continued issue of missed free throws created more concern, the offense was moving the ball and the defense was creating opportunities off of turnovers.

As the Grizzies and Thunder were doing battle below, a couple of royals took in the scene...

The Thunder got the lead up to 17 and continued to look focused on survival. Memphis looked focused on hibernation, both in the stands at times and on the court...

They were down 15 at the half, but as Chris Herrington pointed out, the past could once again be prologue.

The second half began and the Grizzlies continued to see Courtney Lee struggle; 0-4 is not gonna cut it from your starting shooting guard.

Memphis got a bit upset with the officiating; a no-call on a Conley 3 attempt and a foul on the next offensive shot by OKC which was questionable at best got the fans and Coach Joerger fired up.

That energy did not stay positive for long as OKC stretched their lead.

When in danger, break the glass known as...James Johnson?

Not ideal. Especially when his first shot is a 3 and first defensive play is a fast break foul. What he is good for is energy and aggression. After a minor scuffle and double technicals, Butler, be warned...

Intensity returned to the Forum, and James Johnson's spark of chaos did not go unnoticed.

A minor run is better than no run at all, and the lead was cut to 17 with 4:19 left in the quarter. The Thunder responded, and the questionable officiating remained a story.

Mike Conle went down and to the locker room, and the city held it's collective breath.

Without Conley, Memphis' offense struggled and the Thunder lead was 21 going into the 4th quarter.

The fourth quarter started with ideas on how to get Memphis ready for a possible Game 7...

Memphis missed their star point guard terribly, as poor decisions with the ball were made left and right. Thankfully, we all got some good news.

Conley returned when Zach Randolph did, but was clearly not himself.

Memphis soldiered on without their PG, and the Thunder continued their onslaught. it seemed like a familiar narrative would continue, at least through this night.

Grizz Nation was angry and sad.

The James Johnson belligerent love frustrated this blogger after a missed lay-up in transition...

As the game wound down, some Memphis fans left early, which is not a good look...

As fans left and the mood was somber, there was still reason for hope.

On to the next one folks. Saturday is a big one.

Grind Forth. See you Saturday.

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