Grizzlies Rumors & Speculation

Grizzlies looking at new alternate uniforms in '15


We have no idea what they might look like, but they're coming!

The Grizzlies ArmChair GM Makes One Last Move


While in search for the answer to a very difficult question, it is important to weigh pros and cons and the consequences of actions. The ArmChair GM does this as he speculates on what may be that...

Could the Grizzlies be Vinsane?


The latest rumor has the Memphis Grizzlies making a run at Vince Carter.

Grizzlies pursuing sharpshooter Troy Daniels


Are the Grizzlies going to attempt to bolster their roster with more shooters this offseason? It appears so if this latest rumor is true.

Grizzlies interested in Paul Pierce (again)


There's a long list for Pierce, a long list of Western Conference playoff teams.

Grizzlies have spurned Clips attempts at TA | Marc Stein


Big ups to the Grizzlies for squashing that one.

Tony Allen could be targeted by LA Clippers | LA Times


Perhaps there is an editing error but I assume the 6-foot-4 Allen is Tony Allen even though the Memphis Grizzlies aren't mentioned.

Bigger plans for the Grizzlies? | Ron Tillery


Interesting.... what could be bigger than shedding Tayshaun?

Draft Day Trade Rumor: Griz trying to shed Prince?


The Grizzlies have wasted no time with getting into the rumor mill. Will they move out of the first round just to get rid of Tayshaun Prince?

Zach Randolph's agent clears the air in Memphis


Raymond Brothers went on The Chris Vernon Show this morning and clarified some of the earlier reports coming out about Zach Randolph and his contract situation with the Grizzlies.


And the vultures swarm!


And the vultures swarm!

The beginning of a farewell to Z-Bo in Memphis?


Not exactly what I wanted to read this morning, but it's to be expected.

Ballin on a Budget Part II: On a Wing and a Prayer


Part one of our "Ballin' on a Budget" series focused on possible roster needs for the Memphis Grizzlies, i.e. a back-up PG and 4th big man. Part two looks at 6 players who fill a known hole on the...

Ballin' on a Budget: Top 4 Grizzlies' Needs in FA


The Grizzlies will more than likely not be able to bring in a big named free agent to help with the NBA title cause. However, there are names in areas of need on the free agent market who could...

ArmChair GM: Finding the Fourth "Grizzly King"


Reports make it sound likely that Z-Bo will be back and the "Three Grizzly Kings" will be together for at least one more year. The roster as constructed could use a shot of life, however. Who can...

Zach Randolph still focused on re-signing with Grizzlies, despite team's recent turmoil - Yahoo Sports


Having Chris Wallace around looks to enhance Grizzlies' future relations with Zach Randolph

The Keys to the Grizzly Kingdom: Who Should Be GM?


With a new chapter in Grizztory beginning to unfold, Robert Pera is now in the market for a new steward of the Memphis Grizzlies. How he finds someone to take his vision and execute will ultimately...

Could the Griz be looking to move up in the draft?


There's a chance one of these guys falls to #22. Still, teams always do their due diligence on players without necessarily having an intention to draft them, but we definitely need some help on the wing.

Lionel Hollins Coaching Market


This is because the Lakers and Knicks have a champagne budget and subsequently are looking to find a "champagne" coach, one supposes.

Q-Pon's Return? Why Quincy Should Sit This One Out


A story in MemphiSport recently reported that Quincy Pondexter may be medically cleared to play in this postseason if the Memphis Grizzlies advance. After injury and early season struggles,...

Grizzlies Backup Point Guard Conundrum


With Nick Calathes suspended after failing a drug test, who will step up and fill his void at the backup point guard position?

Hollins rehired as Griz Motivational Consultant


Shocking news in Bluff City today. Has Grizzlies' ownership made up with the vitriolic Lionel Hollins?

Offset Contract Language Reverses 2008 Trade


Why you should always read the fine print. A legal loophole in the the Griz/Lakers trade is sending Pau back to Memphis and Marc to Los Angeles.

March Madness: Are the Grizzlies phasing out JJ?


With little explanation given of why Johnson's minutes have evaporated over the last 10 games, it appears that the Grizzlies are beginning to phase out Johnson from the rotation.

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