Grizzlies Rumors & Speculation

Grizzlies Backup Point Guard Conundrum

With Nick Calathes suspended after failing a drug test, who will step up and fill his void at the backup point guard position?

Hollins rehired as Griz Motivational Consultant

Shocking news in Bluff City today. Has Grizzlies' ownership made up with the vitriolic Lionel Hollins?

Offset Contract Language Reverses 2008 Trade

Why you should always read the fine print. A legal loophole in the the Griz/Lakers trade is sending Pau back to Memphis and Marc to Los Angeles.

March Madness: Are the Grizzlies phasing out JJ?

With little explanation given of why Johnson's minutes have evaporated over the last 10 games, it appears that the Grizzlies are beginning to phase out Johnson from the rotation.

Grizzlies likely to add player to fill out roster

Grizzlies CEO Jason Levien was interviewed in Memphis this afternoon and said that they'd like to have additional depth at the PG spot and are likely to use their final roster spot.

Twitter Mill: Cam Rose told Griz would pursue Granger

Cam also shared that he's not a fan of the current Granger but that he's a still a huge upgrade over Prince. I completely agree.

Grizzlies hit mute button, Trade Deadline passes

The blur of tweets and alerts has spun us all into NBA delirium over the past several days, but the storm has come and gone, and the Memphis Grizzlies roster stood like a statue through the mayhem. ...

Trade Deadline Open Thread: WOJ-BOMBS OVER BAGHDAD


Prince taking flight from Memphis to Minnesota?

The Memphis Grizzlies have added weight to the reports from a couple of weeks ago that stated they were looking to add a small forward to the roster. They also reinforced the perceived idea that...

NBA Trade Deadline: The ArmChair GM Rises

In keeping with SBNation's theme day, Grizzly Bear Blues' ArmChair GM is back in action trying to figure out what might the Grizzlies do with their resident Boss whose playing time has waned recently and an NBA trade that works for all sides.


Are these your Grizzlies for the 2013-14 season?

Could this be the Memphis Grizzlies roster you see the rest of the season?

GBB Trade Machine: Grizzlies' Backup Point Guard

Let's fire up the trade machine and see where it takes us!

Did the Grizzlies offer Bayless for Meeks?

According the Ric Bucher of the Bleacher Reports, there are league sources saying that the Grizzlies offered a swap of shooting guards to the Lakers.

Grizzlies still looking for athletic wings

James Johnson has been productive since the Grizzlies signed him off the D-League, but Memphis isn't standing pat on their wing-player situation.

Trade Rumor: ZBo to Nets for Pierce & picks

There's not a ton of air in this sail, but it shows that the Grizzlies are truly listening to offers.

Trade season: Cloudy with a chance of sunshine

With few trade assets and an unclear situation on their hands, the Grizzlies could choose to go a number of ways during the NBA's trade season. What should they do and what should they avoid?

Trading Season: Time to Shake It Up in Memphis?

The Grizzlies' year-to-date has not gone according to plan. With trading season upon us, dreams or athleticism and shooting are likely dancing in some Grizzlies' fans heads. With that in mind, the ArmChair GM takes a look at 3 hypothetical deals.

Tank you for trying: Should the Griz look forward?

With many fans and talking heads alike starting to drop the "T" word, Joe and Keith take an in-depth look at what the best course of action would be for the Grizzlies as they play out the rest of this season.

NBA Trade Season: Bear or Bull Market?

SB Nation presents a league wide theme today to kick off the NBA trade season. What position are the Grizzlies in to move and shake in the market?

Zach Randolph: There Ain't No Loyalty in this Game

Frine Blineberry reports from the Grizzlies shoot-around in New Orleans yesterday and provides us with Zach Randolph's first response to the latest trade rumors surrounding him.

Reunion of Brothers?

Ahh, some trade rumors will always have a perpetual existence in the NBA. Such is the case when it comes to two All-Star brothers that play different positions.

Grizzlies To Work Out Several Wings This Week

With injuries and poor play being a factor, the Grizzlies look to workout some wings (Seth Curry, Darius Morries, etc.) this upcoming week.

Z-Bo Possibly to the Lakers?

The rumor mill stirs up another possible trade scenario, involving Pau Gasol and Zach Randolph. With Z-Bo possibly still being shopped, how likely is a Papa Bear for Pau deal?

Hey Memphis, pigs do fly!

News broke earlier today about Zach Randolph's intentions to stay in Memphis for the remainder of his career. Find out what he told ESPN's Marc Stein!

Jon Leuer Conspiracy Theory - Body Snatching?

The horrible truth that could be but never was about Jon Leuer.

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