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It's So On.

From Yahoo!, teams, players and their agents can all catch up with one another over a friendly cup of coffee, effective Wednesday (tomorrow). On Thursday, players can finally get back into their team's facilities. Time to get the shooting drills and wind sprints rolling!

Which Teams Are NBA Players Suiting Up For Overseas?

Our friends over at Welcome to Loud City have put together a complete list of current NBA players who are playing overseas and listed where exactly they are playing. Little to note for you Grizzlies fans, other than the Hamed Haddadi is playing in Iran. No real surprise. But it's an interesting list, nonetheless.

Which Grizzlies Earned Their Salary in 2010-2011?

Which Memphis Grizzlies earned their salary in 2010-11? And who was over-payed?

Tony Allen Hands Out Ramen Noodles For Halloween

Our friends over at Welcome to Loud City passed this along. Tony Allen passed out Ramen Noodles for Halloween, thanks to the lockout and lack of $$$. Love it! How can you not like Tony Allen? Someone needs to make the case against him. I can't imagine it can be done.

Jamaal Tinsley to Enter the NBDL Draft

Love this story! Apparently, Jamaal Tinsley, 33, has entered himself into the NBDL Draft, according to Yahoo! Sports. Tinsley was last seen in the NBA on our very own 2009-10 Grizzlies. We wish him well. Really.

Grizzlies Writers Roundtable Discussion About... The Grizzlies

The dudes over at 3 Shade of Blue asked a couple of Grizzlies writers, including Matt Moore (CBS and Harwood Paroxysm), Chris Herrington (Memphis Flyer) and myself, along with their excellent team of writers to answer a few Grizzlies-related questions. This was a lot of fun, and is definitely worth a look. And in case you didn't notice, ESPN has five, yes FIVE, Grizzlies listed among their Top 74 players in the NBA. Not too bad at all, if you ask me.

Memphis Could Sue the NBA, Grizzlies Over Money Lost During Lockout

You had to see this one coming, no? Somebody had to step up for the lost money and wages for those indirectly affected by the NBA lockout. I guess it had to be Memphis, didn't it? To be honest, there is a lot of lost wages and plenty of bills to be paid, that really aren't being talked about. This should at least shed light on the subject of lost revenues, not specific to the league or its players.

Mike Conley: I Haven't Been Tempted to Play Overseas

On an ESPN chat, Mike Conley spoke a bit about the team, his offseason and whether or not he plays Fantasy Football (really?). It's a 'fun' read, I suppose. Can't complain, though, most of these chats are softball-ish in their content. Did think Conley saying he hasn't been tempted to play overseas was interesting...

Celebrating #NBAFanVoice Day!

Grizzlies fans voice anger over the NBA Lockout.

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