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The City of Memphis is Rethinking its Lawsuit Against the NBA

This is good to hear. I mean, I get that they want to send a message and they want to recoup any lost revenue, which is a lot -- not just to the local government, but to small business as well. But, it's never a good idea to be "that guy" when it comes to lawsuits. The best course of action may be to pick yourself up and start to come up with other ways to bring in funds. Which, is what they seem to be doing... This is a great piece by David Aldridge. Well worth the read. tip: Welcome to Loud City

Memphis Could Sue the NBA, Grizzlies Over Money Lost During Lockout

You had to see this one coming, no? Somebody had to step up for the lost money and wages for those indirectly affected by the NBA lockout. I guess it had to be Memphis, didn't it? To be honest, there is a lot of lost wages and plenty of bills to be paid, that really aren't being talked about. This should at least shed light on the subject of lost revenues, not specific to the league or its players.

Mike Conley: I Haven't Been Tempted to Play Overseas

On an ESPN chat, Mike Conley spoke a bit about the team, his offseason and whether or not he plays Fantasy Football (really?). It's a 'fun' read, I suppose. Can't complain, though, most of these chats are softball-ish in their content. Did think Conley saying he hasn't been tempted to play overseas was interesting...

Zach Randolph is Prepared to Miss the Entire 2011-12 NBA Season

This probably isn't what we fans wanted to hear, but you have to credit Randolph, who during the lockout will lose millions of dollars, for standing by his union and league-mates. "I sent a text to Billy Hunter two weeks ago and told him he has my full support," Randolph said. "I'm definitely supporting the union. And we all should. This is something I've never been through so it's frustrating, but all of the players should stick together."

Zach Randolph: "We're a team to be reckoned with."

It's nice to see that Zach Randolph is still living off the playoff high of 2011. Now if only we can get the 2012 season started... Click link above to read the entire interview with Z-Bo.

MIami Heat Hoping to Sign Shane Battier

According to Yahoo! Sports: "Shane Battier, who spent last season with the Houston Rockets and Memphis Grizzlies, may end up joining the Miami Heat whenever the next season begins, the Miami Herald reports. The Heat long has admired Battier and fellow free agents Tayshaun Prince and Grant Hill, but the question is if any will take less money to sign here, the Herald writes." Battier would be a tough loss, especially considering what he means to this team defensively, off the bench. Though with the return of Rudy Gay and the play of Tony Allen, defensively speaking, the Grizzlies might eventually look to let Battier walk.
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