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Big Sleep

No trade for the #2 yet.

Remember, if the trade doesn't go through before noon tomorrow, the Grizzlies will still hold the pick through the draft and be picking for another team. News of the trade may or may not leak prior to their pick in the draft. In other words fans, wander around in the dark a little bit, you'll probably find something and the Grizzlies will flashlight it later in the night.

Around the league:

Mavs and Portland made a trade that probably means absolutely nothing.

The Warriors probably traded Jamal Crawford to the Hawks. I'm convinced this will benefit the Hawks because it gives them the most talented and frightening 6th man in the league. Never mind the loss of chemistry and inability of Crawford to facilitate, the Hawks already have no chemistry to loss. Anyhow Johnson needed serious help and the Hawks really had no player who could create an acceptable shot, now Crawford can fill that role. Smith can't fill this role no matter how much better he gets, and Horford is too far out of position to take over. Still the Hawks don't get better unless they keep Bibby for much cheaper and resign Zaza. A big wing in the draft to play backup might help as well, since Childress doesn't seem to be coming back.