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Draft Rambles

Well we're all bored pre-draft, so lets take a look at some of the news, or potentially non-news, depending on what ends up happening around the league in the coming couple weeks.

-Harden showed up on a workout for the Grizzlies and apparently shot terribly, but looked athletic enough, which is a plus. Still, I can't see the Grizzlies taking either he or Evans at #2, which is interesting because...

-Apparently the T-Wolves are crushing on both Rubio and Thabeet. In my opinion Kahn just wants to do something to prove that he can/will make moves to, hopefully, improve the team. Rumblings from Washington sound like the Wolves want to get the #5 from Washington, then swap that and their #6 into the Grizzlies #2. Obviously the Wolves are going to need to give up something of basketball value, and likely both their big expirings to get the #5 from the Wizards. These seems plausible, as Foye or Miller are both pure shooters who could pair well with the ball-dominating Arenas.

The question remains, however, would the Grizzlies need to give something back besides the #2 for the two picks? I think so, especially with the lack of star-power and relative depth of the draft it seems like the Wolves shouldn't be giving up two for one. But if they did pull it off, you would have to consider this the absolute best case scenario for the Grizzlies. With #5 and #6 they could get Jordan Hill, who seems to fit their needs, and Evans who could quickly become a fan favorite in the NCAA-centric city. If you had to give up Conley to secure those picks and perhaps another rotation player with some basketball value like a Ryan Gomes, then Jennings, Evans, and maybe even Rubio will all be there to replace Conley.

-Speaking of Jennings, I'm beginning to really buy into the hype. Check out Shoal's analysis over at FreeDarko for the Stephen Curry quote and some chat about potential vs. reality. In short Curry notes that Jennings is absolutely unpredictable and a constant blur on offense. He compares his knowledge of where to move around the court to Nash. Whereas Mike Conley seems to assert almost no leadership over the young squad, I could see Jennings newly learned professionalism and work-ethic really benefitting the clubhouse. His swagger and unique style should blend well with OJ and Rudy and really could be that 3rd piece.

-Finally, Paul Harris is THE PICK in the second round. Mark my words. A shooting guard with exceptional court vision, Ron Artest muscle-mass, and a 7-foot wingspan. Did I mention he is a high-flier as well. His handles and shooting aren't great, but those are teachable skills. Seeing the Nuggets use of Dahntay Jones this season, imagine that with rebounding and shot-blocking from a wing slot. Harris is going to be a player in less than two years.