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Let There Be Life

Three trades rumored to be done deals today, none of which really directly effect the Grizzlies, but two could have some meanings in their offseason.

First: Spurs deal Oberto, Bowen, Kurt Thomas to Bucks for Richard Jefferson.

Could be a nice deal for the Spurs, although they're looking awfully thin. This front office has gambled successfully on getting rookies who can contribute out of deep in the first round before, however, they do lose veteran contributors. Still I like the extra scoring, especially since the Spurs have can't drop 70 with one of the big three injured.

The Bucks gain nothing but the ability to resign Sessions or Villanueva. And if they don't choose Charlie V. his Twitter buddy and self-proclaimed "suite-mate for life" might entice him to come play for the Grizzlies. He would certainly fill a gap at the 4, and would provide an exceptionally dynamic foil for the equally dynamic Rudy Gay. No defense, but the Grizzlies really need to sort things out on the offensive end first with Hollins vision of effective basketball.

Second: Bucks send Oberto to the Pistons for Amir Johnson.

No denying that Johnson has serious talent; he could be Birdman-like with his athleticism and has the attitude and swagger as well. But he's also very unpolished. I like this deal, however, for the Pistons as well because they will be looking for a full sized backup center with experience after retooling. And cap space in 2010, which is always good.

I don't see any reason to consider this meaningful for Grizzlies fans, and probably not for Bucks or Pistons fans either.

Third: Etan Thomas, Darius Songaila, Oleskiy Pecherov, the 5th overall pick for Randy Foye and Mike Miller.

Love this trade for the Wizards. Foye has some skills left to develop, and will be a great foil for Agent Zero. He can catch and shoot off screens, and has enough handles to take over the majority of offensive responsibilities while Gil is on the bench. Nick Young will also pick up plenty of minutes at the two, allowing Foye to fulfill this role as a combo guard at these times. Miller is a better than acceptable 6th man as well; he is an excellent shooter and facilitator. Even without Arenas, as the Wiz have been the past two seasons, I think this squad could pull together a season comparable to Philly or Chicago's last year.

The Wolves get even younger, can draft a whole new backcourt or take a small forward and hope Telfair-Evans (likely at this point) will get them by until a better option comes up. This trade killed any playoff hopes, but might be great for their future.

OR, the Timberwolves could trade the Wizards #5 and one of their other top 20 picks (likely the #6) to the Grizzlies for the #2 and some basketball value. This would be THE COUP for the Grizzlies and bail them out of the conundrum that is the #2 pick for the Grizzlies. With #5 and #6 they can likely take Jordan Hill and Tyreke Evans, which should be a very impressive young six man rotation.

Kevin Love just tweeted that more trades are coming. Could this be it?