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More Draft Day Buildup

No real new substantial rumors from Memphis's camp. Although two things have become abundantly clear: the Grizzlies are trying their hardest to move this pick, and it's apparently not that easy to move the #2 pick for a reasonable value.

For as enamored as the Association was with Rubio only a few months ago, today teams seem to be somewhat skeptical (at best) about the Spanish point guard. Personally, I think Rubio is certainly the second best player in the draft. And you have to take the best value in this draft. While Stephen Curry waxed poetic about Jennings style and the Kings aren't sure about Rubio at #4, he is almost certainly the best trade bait out there.

Lets consider the teams that could be interested in Thabeet:

OKC- Would take Rubio or Harden as a consolation prize at #3. They would potentially take these guys over Thabeet anyhow, as it seems very likely that Dalemert, Kaman, or Camby will be very available this offseason. All three of this players will contribute more than Thabeet for at least a couple years, and are likely less valuable than a top 5 pick even in this draft.

ATL- If Zaza leaves they might be looking for a center. They will be looking for a point guard at least as much though, and probably don't have much to offer via trade anyhow since (contrary to previous rumors) their core is going nowhere.

DET- Again, if Sheed leaves they need a center. They need a point guard more, and would love Rubio's ability to put fans in the stands.

HOU- Darkhorse here after Dike's injury, although I don't know how Thabeet will fair with Morey's stats. Nothing rumored, but within the realm of possibility. They don't really have anyone to trade, however, as Landry and Scola seem to be favorites.

NYK- OK. Well Chandler isn't moving and not useful to the Grizzlies, so not interesting. Plus they prefer Rubio I'm sure, despite lacking the pieces to move for him.

CHA- Perhaps, and Boris Diaw with the #12 would be an enticing offer. The only problem, however, is that Diaw has a massive contract.

PHI- Replace Sam Dalembert with an even less polished version of himself? And you would have to trade Dalembert, who the Grizzlies (hopefully) aren't interested in. Anyhow, Rubio would fetch more, even though this team doesn't seem interested in trading for either.

DAL- Seem to be more interested in Rubio, but Dampier needs a replacement at some point.

WIZ- Don't think so, sorry but Brendan Haywood is tolerable. They like Rubio too, he just doesn't like them.