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Muddy Waters

"Just because the Grizzlies are thinking big on the eve of this year's NBA draft doesn't mean they've settled on using the No. 2 overall pick to select 7-3 center Hasheem Thabeet. Or any player, for that matter. The Griz are just as likely to trade the pick — and it appears that is their preference. Exercising the second pick — almost certainly on Thabeet — in Thursday's draft will be Plan B, given how much the team's decision-makers have focused on trade scenarios involving up to five teams. 'The water still is a little muddy,' general manager Chris Wallace said. 'There are a lot of contingencies to go over before the draft.' The Grizzlies' goal has been twofold: acquire a proven NBA player or two and move down in the draft with former University of Memphis guard Tyreke Evans, Davidson's Stephen Curry or Arizona State's James Harden as targets. Memphis believes it can best maximize this high lottery position by coming away with multiple players who are ready to contribute."

Ronald Tillery, Memphis Commercial Appeal

I'm beginning to worry. Also new news is Quentin Richardson for Darko Milicic. What's the point? A bad big is worth more than an awful wing. I would try to get at least a round two pick in this trade, especially because I don't know that it saves any money. At least Darko doesn't get in the way of his young teammates, Q-Rich is a high-volume chucker who has no idea how to win. And there were rumors Darko was retiring and moving back to Russian or Serbian leagues. I need to know the wisdom behind this trade.