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The Rape Over

Very little Grizzlies in the news today. But I'll try to keep everyone interested if they click over the jump:

Brandon Jennings called Ricky Rubio all hype and attacked his per minute statistics, apparently unaware that there is something to be said for Rubio actually earning that playing time.

Shoals wrote an interesting piece about Ben Gordon over at The Baseline. Since so few teams can afford him I'm guessing the Grizzlies rumors will persist.

Apparently the Magic are considering getting themselves some luxury tax by going big for Hedo. No Turkish Delight to Memphis? Seems almost impossible that he would want to go back to a culture of losing.

Derrick Rose threw up some gang signs at a party, joining a prestigious group of 150 white girls who have profile pictures I laugh at on Facebook.

Biggest news though, Grizzlies still loving Thabeet at #2. Apparently they didn't get read my scathing criticism of his talents, despite getting pimped by Skeets over at Ball Don't Lie. Look out AOL Fanhouse, I'm coming for you.

This week will be dedicated to evaluating the players on the Grizzlies current roster, so watch for some cool shit.