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Walk of a Champion

New bad news today, the Memphis Grizzlies did not win the NBA Championship.

Additionally, it sounds like the Cavaliers are working hard to trade absolutely nothing to the Phoenix Suns for a Rent-a-Shaq. As a non-Cavaliers fan living in Ohio, I have really mixed feelings about this trade. Clearly Shaquille is going to really clutter the paint, which will mean LeBron will see significantly more pressure when driving into the interior. For Memphis this trade does have the slightest of ramifications, namely that if Shaq moves than Amare probably won't. Not that Amare was actually ever going to come to Memphis despite the "rumors" that were mainly based on the fact that Memphis had cap space. Another slight Grizzlies relation, the Suns trading Diesel for a wax Ben Wallace model and the chance to buy out Sasha "Basketball Frodo" Pavlovic's contract might actually be a more hateful dismantling than Memphis's free third best forward in the league giveaway.

In other news Rudy Gay mocked DJ Mbenga's looks on Twitter, but left Adam Morrison and Tyron Lue unscathed. He spelled Mbenga's name wrong also. Whatever.

And Charlie V told Rudy that they need to stay UConn fam and draft Thabeet at #2. All my hair is officially being pulled off my head right now; Charlie, now I know your pain, but I still can't sympathize with taking Thabeet.

Something more substantial on the way tomorrow. If anyone actually reads this, don't stop now.