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Above the Influence

Scott Cacciola wrote an excellent article on Zach Randolph in the Commercial Appeal today. It included lots of stuff I'd never even heard, and is certainly worth a read.

Also, if you're still wondering, yes, you should be terrified for OJ Mayo. Gay, Conley, Carroll, Sam Young and Thabeet should be alright, I think, but I could see OJ attending one or two of the famed Z-bo suburbia block parties. Sam Young's two talents outside of basketball are poetry reading and piano. There is no information to back Mayo up, yet I'm terrified, he has had some character questions in the past at USC and while a mini-celebrity during his high school days. Mayo strikes me as somewhat similar to Randolph in that way; everyone who knows him sings his praises, but those who don't worry about his behavior.

Oh well, he's only around for two years anyhow. Right? Right...