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The Grizzlies are seriously considering signing Iverson to a one-year $5 million deal. Apparently Heisley will be meeting with Iverson sometime in the near future. My thoughts on why this is not only terrible, but could be a terrible omen after the jump.

This is beginning to sound like an ownership-takes-over personnel situation. Rumor has it that Heisley wanted Thabeet, he got Thabeet. Rumor has it that Heisley wanted Randolph, he got Randolph. Apparently Chris Wallace has been relegated to puppet-role at this point, because he supposedly was interested in Lee and Millsapp, and was against the Randolph trade. One can only assume he isn't a staunch supporter of this move to acquire Iverson, since it makes very little basketball sense at this point.

Mike Conley played poorly when timesharing with Lowry last season, this is absolute fact. Iverson gave up when he was demoted to a 6th man role last season, again, fact. OJ Mayo needs the ball in his hands to be effective. Rudy Gay also needs the ball in his hands to be effective. Allen Iverson really, really needs the ball in his hands. All the time. Zach Randolph will suck the ball up and never give it up after it touches his superglue hands. None of these players are defensive stoppers, and Mayo is probably the closest.

What could this team possibly add up to then? I'm guessing, in an absolute best-case scenario a bastard version of the Iverson Nuggets. Only not as good. The Grizzlies starting lineup will, probably, include Iverson, Mayo, Gay, Randolph, and Thabeet. These are 4 isolation scorers, anchored by a shot blocker. Sound familiar? The problem of course, is that Iverson is now worse than Iverson, Mayo is an improvement over that era's JR Smith, Rudy is far worse than Carmelo, Zbo is perhaps a better scorer than Kenyon but loses almost all his defensive intensity, and Thabeet is not likely to be a DMVP like Camby this season. In other words, your Grizzlies have the upside of getting embarassingly swept in the first round. The worst case? Fireworks at FedEx, which is only one step from Malice at the Palace.