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The One That Got Away Then Got Caught Again

Carlos Boozer has decided to come back to Utah. Mehmet Okur has decided to come back to Utah. Andre Kirilenko is still in Utah. Utah has vowed to keep Paul Milsap unless the offer is ridiculous. Boozer is happy whereever he gets the most money. Utah is not happy with Boozer, and their management likely wishes he had opted out.

One of these sentences is not as simple as the others. Utah doesn't want Boozer around for about 12.7 million; they seem to think they would be better served without the distractions that seem to follow Carlos Boozer ever since he left Cleveland. They want Milsap to be a starter, which would allow a frontcourt rotation of Okur, his clone Koufos, and Milsap, with AK47 picking up some spot minutes.

The Grizzlies targetted Zach Randolph earlier, as we all know by now, and Randolph is shockingly similar to Boozer. In fact he basically is a less efficient, poorer defender than Boozer. They both rebound in volume, score from out to 18 feet or so, and score well in the post. Both players are no stranger to controversy, and that obviously didn't stop the Grizzlies from targetting Zbo. The biggest difference between the two is that Boozer is a proven winner, a real All-Star, and is cheaper. Sounds a lot like Heisley's madate, no?

So what would it take to spring Boozer from the Jazz? Difficult to say, but they likely would be interested in a combination of some basketball value, cap relief, and an expiring contract. A combination of Buckner's buyout-able contract, and draft picks would likely get it done. They might have to give up some talent like either DeMarre Carroll or Sam Young, but those are small pieces for an affirmed All-star caliber power forward.