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Playing the Right Way

Summer League Grizzlies killed the Summer League Suns today. Absolute obliteration, 97-60. And again, I will be supplying bullet notes, but no stat lines because Summer League stats don't matter. Catch the bullets after the jump.

  • Sam Young scored sneaky well tonight, killing it on the wings of the break, but struggling in the half court. I don't think he's comfortable playing on the perimeter constantly, since in college ball he was more of a 3/4 than a 2/3. Dribbles with his head down though, which is not a good thing.
  • Carroll got a lot of minutes today. He has a little hop in his step that I like to see. A winner for sure, but showed questionable shot selection. I think he might be the glue guy for the Summer Grizzlies, but can't tell. Body language is always positive. Not as good of a dunker as I thought he would be though.
  • Thabeet logged a bunch of minutes today too. Looked modestly better, but missed two dunks with the monstrous (6'6") Taylor Griffin on him. Seems to be getting pretty frustrated with his play this week, but I don't know that he has the skills to do any better at this point. Seems to be struggling without a clear "system" in place like college ball had at UConn, especially on defense. Not comfortable at all.
  • Marcus Williams played pretty well, but still looked for his own shot a little too often to really fit the "pass-first" profile. Then again, everyone looks for their own shot in summer league (see DeMarre Carroll). In all these games he is lucking out keeping his TO count down, lots of his passes are getting deflected but ending up in Grizz hands. I think I would prefer him to Anthony Carter; the announcers said lock him up for 3 years for 6 million, I'll cosign that contract.
  • Haddadi was pretty impressive in limited minutes yet again. He is really ambidextrous, Chris Wallace said its because he lost feeling in his right arm for awhile because of an injury while in Iran. Good finesse, he's like a more imposing Zydrunas Ilgauskas, but minus the range jumper.
  • Jeff Adrien, undrafted out of UConn, was in for a bunch of minutes because of Darrell Arthur sitting with injury precautions. He could be a roster filler this year, kind of like a crappy DeMarre Carroll, but will be a hard worker.