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The Rewatching

After watching the first game of Summer League a second time, I'm going to drop a few really quick notes:
  • Thabeet's hands looked absolutely terrible.
  • Sam Young did look very excellent. Dominate to the same degree as Russell Westbrook.
  • The scores were backwards for much of the web-a-cast.
  • Darrell Arthur looked very active and quick on defense. Didn't assert himself on offense really, but showed moves that actually looked a lot like Josh Smith inside. Not sure if that is a good or a bad thing, really difficult to say.
  • Marcus Williams should be backup point guard for the Grizzlies this season.
  • DeMarre Carroll's game was good, but I don't see it translating at the next level until his brain catches up with his body. Much smaller than I expected him to look.
  • Hamed Haddadi seemed suprisingly confident. A more complete player than Hasheem Thabeet. Also looking filled out and mean.
  • None of the non-roster filler players looked like they belonged in the NBA, besides Williams of course.