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Preseason: Dallas Mavericks

Tonight at 7 p.m. the Memphis Grizzlies visit those cagey Mavericks in Dallas. You'll only find this on television if you live in Dallas, and you still won't find it on League Pass Broadband, since League Pass Broadband still isn't working.

Onto your storylines of the game:

  • Summer League Champs: The Grizzlies summer league roster is killer, if summer league and the win over the Thunder are any indication. Will our super subs keep rolling over the Mavericks deeper bench?
  • Zach Randolph's Skillz: Will watching Dirk inspire Z-bo to actually make a freaking shot?
  • Watch Matt Carroll regress: Matt Carroll's contract actually gets smaller every year. He's like the NBA Benjamin Button, which is cool.
  • Oldness: Jason Kidd, Erick Dampier, and Shawn Marion will try to lure O.J. Mayo into a house made of gingerbread, presumably to attempt to eat his youth. O.J. won't follow, but will regain his stroke and get silly for the first time this preseason.
  • Starters: Last year the Grizzlies starters were actually half-decent and their bench was abhorrent. The opposite has been the case this preseason. The Mavericks have a solid starting lineup; the Grizzlies need to show some fight, particularly on *GASP* the offensive end.

Feel free to use this as an open thread of sorts if you're interested.