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Grizzlies Lose to Mavericks: 107-114

Boy I'm glad I didn't watch this game. Things started off strange with Hollins splitting and combining the starters and subs into two brand new lineups. That meant that Mike Conley, OJ Mayo, DeMarre Carroll, Darrell Arthur, and Hasheem Thabeet started the game.

Why did Hollins do it? I suspect he wanted to see how Thabeet, Carroll, and Arthur would play against starting competition, since these guys have looked solid all summer. Results over jump.


The result was both beautiful and awful. The first team excelled, with each (besides OJ Mayo who closed the game with Rudy Gay and Zach Randolph) player having a plus minus of between +10 and +15. DeMarre Carroll really impressed, getting points in the flow, dropping dimes, rarely turning the ball over, and grabbing 4 steals. Thabeet was no slouch either -- he defended the rim aggressively and clearly made this unit stronger defensively.

But Rudy Gay and Zach Randolph led a second lineup that was absolutely abysmal. Rudy, Z-Bo, Sam Young, and Marc Gasol combined for 10 turnovers and a collectively abysmal plus minus, punctuated by Rudy Gay's whopping -24 with 4 TO's, 8 points on 11 shots, and piss poor defense on Kris Humphries

In other news Mike Conley continued to have a solid preseason, despite a bunch of turnovers, and OJ Mayo notched a double-double with assists despite shooting 0-5 from three point range. Darrell Arthur returned from injury to blow up for 17 points and 6 boards in 26 minutes, though he did battled foul trouble.

I don't know how to feel about this Grizzlies bunch. As a young team they are due to be inconsistent, but I didn't expect this much frustration, particularly from young guns Rudy Gay and OJ Mayo.