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NBA Cares, Now So Can You

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Yesterday kicked off's "Social Media Challenge," a competition between blog networks to see who could raise the most money for a variety of charitable programs. 

You can contribute by clicking here.


You're in the right place if you see this sick Mike Bibby card. is a non-profit organization that allows the donor to choose a specific project for their donation to go toward. All of the projects are organized and posted by local schoolteachers, then reviewed by the website, and posted so that donors can select the project that most interests them.

Here at Straight Outta Vancouver I've, obviously, chosen to support Tennessee schools, and you can personally hand-pick a program from your hometown, or select anything that seems interesting to you. Please consider donating--every little bit helps, and it will go to a very good cause. Almost all of the schools listed are from very high poverty areas, and they'll contribute to allowing these teachers to implement hands-on programs they've designed specifically for the needs of their classes.