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Preseason: Miami Heat

Tomorrow is absurdly busy for Aurunna, so here is the penultimate Preseason preview for the '09-'10 season, a day early.

The Grizzlies will take on the Miami Heat at 7:30 tomorrow evening in what is sure to be an instant classic! God only knows who is going to suit up for this one, but seeing as it is so close to the season we may see a lot of no shows. I'd be surprised if the Heat even show up, seeing as half their team is on constant IR.

What to look for in this game (assuming everyone suits up) over the jump:

  • Bench play. Last game, the bench came out and really sparked the offense and contributed. Look to see if that continues, especially if the starters cool off from their hot hands from last game.

  • Let's see if Zach Randolph can have a positive effect on the game without demanding the rock and most of the shots. This will be a key to success all season. Also, in the 3rd quarter I predict he will pick a fight with Michael Beasley, and ultimately lose.

  • Look for Daequan Cook to put up at least 35 if D-Wade is a no show. 

  • Look for Jermaine O'Neal to not earn any of his $23 million dollar contract. I know it's preseason, but the guy is making bank for not much work. Then again, he's no Brian Cardinal...

  • The Grizzlies have quietly been playing decent defense, at least what the box score shows. I'm not saying defense wins championships, but I am, so keep it up with the blocks and steals.

All in all, I guess let's hope to see some fluent offense and some gel in these last few games. It's a crap-shoot as to who will get the shots when the Grizz put out a starting 5 with 4 guys who demand a lot of shots.

Feel free to start some topics and threads and get some discussion going.