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Grizzlies fall to Heat: 99-93

For as bad as Memphis seemed to play in this game, they still kept things close, which is a good sign going forward. There are a lot of things to take away from this game. Let's take a look at them over The Jump.

The Grizzlies got off to a HUGE start in this game, outscoring Miami 38-23 in the first quarter. Smooth sailing, right? Wrong. They gave it all back in the 2nd and 3rd, being outscored by 23 points in that time frame. They gave it a fighting chance in the 4th when it appeared as thought they were making a great comeback, but faltered down the stretch.

I'm typically not a fan of playing your big guns a lot of minutes in the preseason, especially when you have a guy like Dwyane Wade who you know what you're gonna get come the big show. The Grizzlies played their big guns A TON of minutes, and although most of it was because of the comeback they almost made, I still don't like it. However, I will leave it up to the head coach to do what he pleases. 

Let's get into some Positive/Negative takeaways.


  • Rudy Gay kept up his amazing hot streak. I thought he would come back down to earth today, but he still killed it in all areas of the game.
  • 3-Pointers. Although the sample size was small (4-10), the Grizzlies shot 40% tonight, and held the Heat to 4-18 for 22%. Good 3-point defense is what helps win a lot of games, as it is the great equalizer. And when you can hold a team with really good shooters such as Wade, Mario Chalmers, and Daequan Cook to a low %, good sign.
  • Rebounding. Memphis out-rebounded Miami by 9 boards. Usually this stat correlates into victories, but not when you give up 15 point leads often.


  • Star Power. The Grizzlies still lack the stand out defender to even slow down the leagues big stars, and last night they let D-Wade fly all over the place and get others involved.
  • Taking care of the ball. Memphis only managed 11 assists against 18 turnovers. This is unacceptable and will lead to a loss every game. Chris Paul and Deron Williams average this number of assists per game. Someone, Mike Conley hopefully, needs to grab the reigns and establish some kind of offensive flow in the passing game. (djturtleface note: The Grizz still haven't found the sweet spot between too much passing and not enough. This indecision might contribute to the turnovers.)
  • The entire bench was almost outscored by Udonis Haslem. I realize Udonis is a serious contender for the scoring title this year, but come on. Sam Young and Demarre Carrol played decent, but everyone else really struggled. You can't leave the starters in for so long and rely on them like this. On another note, Hasheem Thabeet needs to get on the glass and on the blocks, since that's what he's here to do, and he's not doing it.
In the end, there were a lot more negatives than positives in this game, but the fact that they stayed in the game even after blowing a big lead and almost making a comeback shows the fight in some of these guys. 

I guess hope for improvement every game and watch how it all unfolds.