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Preseason: Grizzlies vs Bobcats

Rise and shine everyone. The Grizzlies take on the Bobcats this morning at 10:30am ET in the final preseason game for both teams. 

Keys to the game and things to watch are over The Jump.

Charlotte is one of my picks to be a breakout team this season, even though they play in a highly competitive division with likely 3 playoff teams. I can see some good and bad things for the Grizz here in the final game, so let's check it out.


  • I look for O.J Mayo to match up really well against Raja Bell at the SG spot and give him trouble all game. Bell isn't the defender he once was, and Mayo should be able to rip him apart on both ends. 
  • Rudy Gay will come back down to earth after a stellar last few games. He will have Gerald Wallace and or Boris Diaw guarding him all game, 2 very good defenders, especially Wallace, and I think he will struggle and settle for too much.
  • Here comes D.J. Augustin, another one of those sneaky point guards that can get to the rack and nail the 3. Mike Conley needs to show some defensive improvement in this game if he plans to stop this guy.
  • I can't wait to see the game in the paint with the following offensively challenged players: Hasheem Thabeet, Marc Gasol and Tyson Chandler. It could get really awkward.
  • Hopefully we can see a lot of the scrubs and the guys scratching it out for final rotation spots as this is the final chance to impress.
I really like what Charlotte has been doing and I expect them to take this game easily, although what does it really matter in the end, since it is preseason.