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Europa Rising: 10.30 vs. Raptors

As much as I hate Chris Bosh and Hedo Turkoglu, I kind of like the Raptors. I'm not convinced the Raptors are good -- even after their big win against the Cavaliers last night -- but I kind of like them. Why? Because they dare to be different. The Raptors are such an interestingly built squad; they are a team perfectly divided between athleticism and technique, but only Bosh blends the two. And they're practically Euroball.

With that in mind, get over the jump for your storylines of the game, and stop by Raptors HQ for more Raptors vs Grizzlies coverage.

  • Buckets: Can the Grizzlies score against this team? The Pistons, who were giving significant minutes to well-known all world defenders like Ben Gordon, Charlie Villanueva, and Will Bynum, managed to hold the Grizzles to 74 points. The Raptors held the Cavs to around 35% from the floor last game, which could be flukey or genius. I'm predicting a solid game for Marc and Z-Bo.
  • Iverson Appearance: When the heIl is Iverson going to take the court? Will it be tomorrow night, or some other time? If Conley keeps up his terrible play from last night it could force Iverson to take over.
  • DeMar DeRozan vs. Rudy Gay vs. DeMarre Carroll: Names versus jumping ability versus biggest dunk versus all very cool players. I like these guys and excited to see all three tonight.
  • Zach or Marc: One of the two should dominate depending on which sees coverage from Andre Bargnani. Here's to hoping both play well, but Chris Bosh is underrated as a defender even against bigger bodies like Z-Bo and Young Gasol.
  • Ovinton: O.J. Mayo hasn't looked good in a long time. He played poorly in the preseason and didn't exactly impress last night. He's just not making great decisions or taking shots when he needs to. I think O.J. still has the mindset of last year's Grizzlies, which isn't helping the ball movement one bit.

My Prediction: Toronto 98, Memphis 86 - Sadly I just don't see a win tonight. This Toronto team is a little bit better than I originally thought they might be, and should dominate the Grizzlies bench just like Detroit. I like the Grizzlies to see a bit more improvement, but they're definitely still in a growing process. If O.J. Mayo heats up big time though, than the Grizzlies just might get their first win.