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Champagne Over the Bow: Grizzlies beat Raptors 115-107

March through the arch people, the Grizzlies picked up win number one (out of only two games played!) last night against the Raptors. The win was especially encouraging because it showed that this team can, in fact, be very good at what it's supposed to be good at. The rebounding was fantastic, the pace was fast but not out of control, and lots of the starters turned in fantastic scoring nights.

Even the defense looked good, besides on Bosh, and the players all were definitely hustling, which is always a good sign. After last game's embarrassment of a bench, tonight Hollins went short, giving almost no time off to Rudy Gay and giving DeMarre Carroll almost all the minutes as a reserve. Hasheem Thabeet notably got a DNP, with Hamed Haddadi receiving all two of the minutes at backup center.

Turns out that this "no bench look" might be very helpful for the Grizzlies, but it's also going to run them into the ground. Once Iverson gets back I suspect to see a little bit more time off for both Rudy and Conley, who shouldn't be getting that much run.

For more recaps check out the TSN Raptors vs Grizzlies recap and for more analysis hit up the excellent Raptors HQ, but to see your new standard postgame programming for Straight Outta Vancouver, hop on over the jump:

Rockness Monster: Zach Randolph dropped in thirty real efficient like, while still stacking up three dimes and seven boards. Chris Bosh slayed him on offense at times, but defense is for losers anyhow.

U-Turn: Mike Conley didn't exactly impress, but he did get a little dirty tonight. O' Connels kicked out ten passes that ended up in the basket and scored in double digits. That, my friends, is what we call the double-double dance.

Bitter Lemon: O.J. Mayo is still taking too many inefficient shots. I wasn't pleased with his looks, though the jumper did get wet on a nice three in the third that seemed to put the Raptors out of range. Still O.J. needs to loosen up the jealousy -- Rudy is allowed to finish and not care about passing, he can touch the top of the backboard. Mayo has got to get it in his head that he's supposed to be part facilitator, part finished; not straight shooter.

Sleeping With the Enemy: Hedo looked bad, which made me feel warm, but Chris Bosh was an absolute terror. Marc, Carroll, and Z-Bo were switching on him and Bargnani and it didn't really seem to matter which Grizzlie covered the team mascot, Bosh still was scoring. Otherwise a completely unremarkable game from anyone else on this Raptors squad -- can you be too deep?