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New Beginnings: Weekend Camp

Not much to say here, but Tillery of the Commercial Appeal is reporting that Coach Hollins is getting tough with the Grizzlies, especially with the rookies. Hollins says that the rookies are struggling with the mental aspect of the game, and it's no surprise that Hasheem Thabeet is singled out for being especially unaware.

On a similar note, the rest of the Grizzlies were also in trouble for laziness, which prompted Hollins' ire also. Worth noting here that apparently Allen Iverson was on Coach's side every minute, and that Hollins even deferred to the veteran to preach some lessons at the end of practice.

Finally it's worth noting that the Grizzlies had coach Dr. Jack Ramsay in to help them with their final days of training camp. Ramsay has previous experience with Zach Randolph, is a good friend of Coach Hollins, and worked with Rudy Gay and O.J. Mayo on their fundamentals. Iverson sat out of practice that day, as the team opted to keep him in for physical therapy, citing wear after 8 straight practices.