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Fanhouse Previews the Grizzlies

They wrote first about the team as a whole, occasionally rarely complementary as well, in this little preview. Not unlike fellow SBN blogger Tom Ziller, Matt Moore seems unabashedly negative about the Grizzlies this season. He opens by writing that:

The Grizzlies are not a joke. They are the punchline.

Ouch. A little bit harsh considering that Moore closes by conceding that the Grizzlies do have a shot at the playoffs this season, though their worst-case scenario is certainly bleak.

Next Fanhouse focused on a singular player for each team, choosing Marc Gasol for the Grizzlies. Like most other media since camp opened, they focus on Marc losing weight. Though the feature does touch on uncharted ground, essentially claiming that Marc should be the focal point of this offense:

With Michael Conley's shooting improving and O.J. Mayo taking the next step (along with Allen Iverson zipping in and out of lanes, and if he miraculously decides not to absorb all the possessions), using Gasol as a lynchpin would provide a wrinkle that accentuates the strongest components of the Grizzlies' offense.

Not that I completely disagree, but Marc Gasol's passing game is somewhat overrated. Even the best passing big men in the game don't ever make a wow'ing impact, and Marc Gasol isn't among the best passers in the league. Well, take what you can get from these guys I guess