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Preseason: Washington Wizards

Ah, yes, my first game preview as a SB Nation blogger. Surely the season is near at hand now!

The Grizzlies tip off against the Wizards tonight at 7 o'clock p.m. This is their first preseason game, and you won't be able to watch without League Pass Broadband, which means I won't be watching. For some reason the NBA decided to broadcast the games on a service that isn't up and running yet.

And now to your storylines of the night:

-Agent Zero v. The Answer v. Their Pasts- Gilbert Arenas and Allen Iverson redeeming themselves. 'Nuff said.

-Who Starts!?- Mike Miller or Randy Foye, Mike Conley or Allen Iverson? My money is on the Mikes.

-Pace, Pace, Pace- The Wizards and Grizzlies are both loaded with weapons and would love to run all night.

-Andray Blatche v. JaVale McGee v. Hasheem Thabeet- For the most lost promising young center.