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Preseason: OKC Thunder

It's about to happen. This is about to be the rivalry of the NBA. Two young small market teams that are undoubtedly similar. Also it's the Grizzlies first game in FedEx Forum. If you're in Memphis then what you know about that? Nothin', except that punches fly at 8 o'clock sharp.

And, as you're about to find will be a common occurrence, I present your storylines of the night:

  • Clones- Isn't it weird how freaking similar these teams are in terms of personnel? Kevin Durant is Rudy Gay 2.0, James Harden is a crappy O.J. Mayo, Hasheem Thabeet and BJ Mullens both don't know what they are.
  • Allen Iverson- Does he suit up again, attempting to thoroughly confuse every fan in the arena?
  • Fluketastic- The Grizzlies sucked at passing and rebounding last season. They straight balled last night. Were we looking at an aberration, or a possible trend?
  • Pregame Show- I'm a believer that a ballin' pregame routine at least triples the level of atmosphere in an arena. Last season I went to a Cavs game against the freakin' Bobcats and people were into for the first quarter just because their production values are so high. Will the Grizzlies whip out their new show tonight? Or wait for the season? Or wait for A.I.? So much drama!
  • Body Slam- If Zach Randolph falls on Nenad Krstic I'm convinced that "Special K" would snap.
  • Jumping Competition- Russell Westbrook and Rudy Gay are participating at halftime. Rudy takes Russell down in the sandpit after a controversial ruling.