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Preseason: Grizzlies beat Thunder

WIN, WIN, WIN. The rivalry is settled -- the Grizzlies proved they are exactly eight points better than the Oklahoma City Thunder. The Grizzlies won the game 99-91 after posting a spectacular 4th quarter blowout. Sam Young played the hero by scoring 15 in the 4th quarter, rallying the Grizzlies behind a slashing attack that got him to the free throw line almost at will.

Over the jump is your basic summary based on read-outs, box score, and the radio feed:

  • Zach Randolph had an ugly game, but *GASP,* adjusted and essentially took himself out of the offense.
  • Sam Young and Rudy Gay killed it. This is no surprise, as people are beginning to learn that Kevin Durant kind of sucks on defense -- his adjusted plus/minus is actually worse than the Thunder's backups, and the other Thunder forward was some goofball named Ryan Bowen.
  • Hasheem Thabeet limited his fouls, played within himself, and looked pretty damn good.
  • In fact the Grizzlies' second unit of Marcus Williams, Trey Gilder, Sam Young, DeMarre Carroll, and Hasheem Thabeet actually posted the best plus/minus on the team. This is encouraging, though its worth noting that the Thunder are pretty thin.
  • Only 18 assists tonight, mostly because Rudy Gay and Sam Young were isolating effectively.
  • O.J. Mayo shot the ball poorly again, as did Mike Conley. Both guards played solid defense, however.
  • DeMarre Carroll and Zach Randolph struggled to handle the Thunder's big men like Nenad Krstic and D.J. White. It sounds like Thabeet struggles to help on bigger players, though he's defending the rim against slashers pretty effectively.