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11/1 - Memphis vs Denver Nuggets

When's the last time Memphis was over .500?! I'm not a follower so I don't know for sure, but I'm willing to guess it's been a while. The Grizzlies are a strange team to me right now. They lose to Detroit in the opener, who by all accounts looks to be a middle of the road squad this year, then go out and pull out a big time win against the surprisingly good looking Raptors (who beat my Cavaliers).

Now they take on Denver, one of the hottest teams to start the new season. Let's head over The Jump and get into it.

The Grizzlies, if they play the way they did against Toronto, should win 3 of their next five games - this is not one of them. Nothing against the Grizz, but Denver is just really clicking right now. And to the experts that said there are only 5 legit title contenders, (BOS, ORL, CLE, LAL, SAS) I never forgot about the Nugs. You're telling me these guys couldn't take the Spurs in a 7 game series? Enough about Denver, and onto the game. I just had to get that out.

  • Look for Carmelo Anthony to continue his pursuit of an MVP title. The guy has been playing out of this world so far and I wouldn't count on anyone stopping him today, especially considering Memphis doesn't have a defensive stopper on the wing right now.
  • This should be a big game for Marc Gasol. I'm not talking purely about numbers. The Nugs have really good interior defense, but if Marc can prove he can hold his own against these guys and continue to grow on his impressive start, it will be a good sign.
  • When is Allen Iverson coming back?! This would be a big game for him, coming back to the team that traded him away and subsequently went further into the playoffs than they ever did with him. On another note, I'm a believer that he should be the starter when he returns. This is not detroit where there was continuity and he needed to be a bench guy, he gives you the best chance, and he thrives and has more confidence as a starter.
  • This should be a really fast paced game, and I fully expect Zach Randolph to break down and need a respirator by the 3rd. Mostly because I would just really want to see that happen. And since it should be high scoring and fast paced, don't get fooled by big numbers in a loss. This is real life, not fantasy.
  • Just as Detroit's guards when 'hog wild' on the Grizz 'D', expect the same to be done here with Chauncy Billups and my boy from UNC, Ty Lawson who is lightning quick. This will continue to be a major problem until they find some way to address the issue

All in all I expect this game to be fun to watch, I will be on free broadband league pass, but ultimately result in a losing effort, 115-100. Who knows though, if Memphis could somehow pull this out, talk about momentum from two huge wins in a row, but if not, just remember, Denver is REALLY REALLY good, and Memphis is on it's way.