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To Be Determined: Grizzlies Blown Out by Rockets

If you wonder why there isn't a score up, it's actually because, as I write, there are like three minutes left in the game. The Houston Rockets dominated the Memphis Grizzlies tonight. Crushed. Destroyed. Obliterated. They literally took the soul from this young team and spat in it's face.

As to quote the always Grizzlies knowledgeable @HPbasketball:

The Grizzlies are going to drop to 1-8; getting beat by a team who's #1 option was the Lakers' #5 option.

The missing truth here is that the Grizzlies didn't just get beat. The Rockets just absolutely trampled all over their battered corpse. Check out The Dream Shake to hear more about what it feels like to win; check over the jump for some recap and the like.

Rockness Monster: Hasheem Thabeet, for not showing up. Seriously, the Grizzlies played this bad. Even for the guys with decent lines, they played terrible -- terrible. This might have been one of the worst efforts I've ever seen from a professional basketball team.

U-Turn: Well since the Grizzlies looked absolutely pathetic last night and they looked absolutely pathetic tonight too, I think I'm going to have to award this one to Marc Gasol. Despite facing a lineup that at times had nobody bigger than 6' 8" tall, Gasol managed to go 1-7, almost foul out, and be so useless that Steven Hunter was a pleasant surprise. In case you've never heard of Steven Hunter, you probably still already know that's a bad thing.

Bitter Lemon: Was there anything that wasn't a bitter lemon this game? How about nominating Marcus Williams for making the worst damn decisions of any backup point guard ever. Backup point guards are supposed to protect the ball and get the hell out of the way. Marcus Williams is doing his best "Stevie Franchise" impression. Even Steve Francis shouldn't be doing an Stevie Franchise impression at this point.

Oh, and the rest of the bench can't score and dribbles around like they're still in college. DeMarre Carroll is great for energy; shooting isn't energy, so stop doing that. I don't think Sam Young even knows he's a professional yet.

Sleeping With the Enemy: Don't feel like talking about this madness.