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Wrap-Up: Grizz Take Nugs To Limit, lose 133-123

From what I did see of this game, WOW. Maybe the most entertaining game of the young season so far. Close game, back and forth, two legit performances, but ultimately a heartbreaking loss for the Memphis Grizzlies.

Let's check it out over The Jump.

So my initial predictions were pretty much right on, and the game proved to show little defense a ton of scoring, but even more than I had imagined. After Memphis scored 40 in the 1st, I knew there would be no defense played in this game until probably the last few minutes, and that assumption was correct.  The Grizzlies game out of the gates flying with a tremendous 1st quarter led by O.J. Mayo and Marc Gasol, maintened and held their own in the 2nd, but faltered in the 3rd, giving up the lead, and could never mount a comeback despite a honorable attempt in the 4th.

As predicted Carmelo Anthony didn't slow down a step, pouring in 42 points to top off a huge game all around. I knew he'd continue to go big, but that big? On the other side, talk about a scoring battle. Mayo dropped 40, Gasol had a nice double-double with 20 and 11, Zach Randolph facilitated the offense, and Mike Conley needs to get back to the bench.

The bench played decent all around, but lacked that stand out guy that came in and made a difference, which is something all great teams seem to have. It's just all a building process with all these young guys. 

It's probably nothing serious, but late in the 4th, Mayo and Rudy Gay got in a little fight and argument that had to broken up, and all parties agree it was nothing. Hopefully there is no animosity between these two guys.

To wrap it all up, Memphis gave Denver all they could handle and more, but fell short in the end. They should see this as a victory in some ways, and it will be interesting to see how they bounce back tonight against a team they should beat, after such an emotional contest.